Online Economics Course for Homeschoolers: A Mr D Math Review

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I’m all for outsourcing homeschool instruction when it comes to topics and subjects I’m not so great with. In this case, economics is one of those subjects! If you feel the same about teaching economics to your homeschoolers, stick around…Mr D Math and I have got a great solution for you!

I absolutely love teaching life skills to my kids. Teaching how to use a knife and measure ingredients for a recipe? Yes, please! Teaching how to take a stain out of clothes before putting them in the washing machine? Yep! Teaching how to use coupons in conjunction with weekly sales to get the most bang for your buck at the grocery store? Heck yes! Teaching how to open a bank account and how to figure out the if a paycheck is for the correct amount? Um…I’m gonna pass on that.

Learning about economics is absolutely a necessity and, while I do know a thing or two about economics, it just is not a topic that gets me excited. Plainly said…it’s not fun. It often includes learning about budgets (my husband knows I don’t like those!) and, honestly, I am just not the right person to be teaching that sort of information.

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You know who is, though? Mrs. Kelli. Mrs. Kelli teaches the Mr. D Math Junior Economics course. My son has been taking her online course for the past few weeks and has been thriving…thanks to Mrs. Kelli and certainly not me!

image of a child taking a Mr D Math course on a desktop computer
Watching a lesson with the one and only Mrs. Kelli!

About the Junior Economics Course

Designed for students in grades 5 through 8, the Junior Economics course from Mr. D Math includes 32 separate self-paced lessons covering topics such as supply vs. demand, types of money, how to open a bank account, how to interview for a job, and more. Each lesson starts with an instructional video of Mrs. Kelli explaining the lesson topic. Because I have a hearing loss and often rely on lip reading, I’m happy to share that closed-captioning is available and that Mrs. Kelli speaks clearly and faces the camera for the duration of the video.

Along with a video, each lesson also may include a PDF printable activity and/or an online quiz. The quizzes are not timed, so, if your child, like mine, struggles with anxiety during timed exercises, they should be just fine! In addition, quizzes can be submitted multiple times if needed.

screenshot of the Mr D Math Junior Economics course dashboard

Our Experience

While we have successfully used a number of pencil and paper-based curriculums, we definitely seem to prefer online courses. Being that we recently moved and are still getting things figured out with organization, I appreciate having a course that is nearly impossible to lose. Fewer papers and books to keep track of? Yes, please. Having the Mr. D Math Junior Economics course online certainly makes our lives a little less stressful while allowing my son to get the screen-time he craves.

In addition, I also love that this course (and a number of other Mr. D Math courses) are self-paced. Like so many, we are a busy homeschooling family and often spend more time outside of the home instead of in. Spending time learning with friends and traveling really are priorities for us, so we’re not always able to participate in a class at a certain time each week. Since we aren’t always able to keep a consistent “at home” schedule, self-paced classes really do work best for us.

How did I know that my son was actually understanding the lessons he was being taught during this course? His quiz scores were wonderful but I really…I mean really…realized he was grasping the concepts while we were on a shopping trip!

How ironic is that? Putting economics skills to work during a shopping trip!

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Anyways, we were walking around Ikea when I asked my kids if they knew of anything we needed for the “new” house. My oldest then looked at me and said, “Mommy, we don’t need anything here. Everything here is a want and not a need. A need is something like shelter or food or air. Ikea does not have anything we need.”

Well, dang, kid! He wasn’t wrong at all! He did put a little damper in my shopping fun, but I really was proud of him for being able to speak up and share what he had been learning.

@thathomeschoolfamily This Junior Economics class is the second class my kids have taken with Mr D Math and certainly won't be the last! If you're all about teaching Life Skills to your kids, too, definitely check out this online, self-paced class! #ad #mrdmath #homeschoollifeskills #homeschoolcurriculumreview #homeschoolreviews #thathomeschoolfamily #economics #economicsforkids #homeschoolonline #homeschooling ♬ original sound – Liz | That Homeschool Family

Your Homeschooler will Love it!

Mr. D Math courses are quality courses that will really engage your homeschooler and encourage them embrace the subject being taught. Prior to the Junior Economics course, my youngest completed one of their American Sign Language courses and really enjoyed it! Mr. D Math has a number of courses available for homeschoolers of all ages and in a number of subject matters, so definitely check them out for any online classes you’re in need of. Even better? If you happen to enroll your homeschooler in a Mr. D Math course and find it’s not a great fit, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

If you have any questions about the Mr. D Math Junior Economics course, go ahead and email me. I’m happy to help!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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