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Are you a homeschooling parent? Do you love Ikea? Well, you should definitely take advantage of the Ikea discount for homeschoolers, college students, and teachers!

What? You haven’t heard of it? Lucky for you, I’ve done the research and have all the details.

Like so many homeschool parents in need of a brain break, I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram recently. Being that I literally grew up circling items in an Ikea catalog for my future home, Ikea is just one of many accounts I follow on “the ‘gram.” Their 80th Anniversary Sale post caught my eye not only because of the fun & bright image, but because of the details in the caption.

Let this be your reminder to read the captions of social media posts in addition to the image or video, too. *wink, wink*

Anyways, Ikea is advertising a limited-time discount alongside their 80th anniversary celebration! This offer runs through September 5, 2023 and rewards Ikea-shopping & identification-wielding college students and teachers a generous 15% discount. Sweet, right?

UPDATE: It’s looking like this teacher discount may have been a one-time offer! Since publishing this article in August, 2023, Ikea has also removed the perk of receiving 5% off your purchase with their free Family Discount card. Stay tuned – we’ll update this post again as we find new information for homeschool & education-related discounts at Ikea!

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But, are homeschooling parents included in this offer?

After all, Ikea does offer a number of products that are great for both home organization and homeschooling. Since we recently moved to Georgia, we’ve made multiple trips to the Ikea in Atlanta to pick up curtain rods, kitchen utensils, small rugs, a number of organizational pieces of furniture (yes, I’m talking about you, Kallax), and new bins for said organizational pieces of furniture (they’re great for holding the board games we’ve condensed into zip bags!).

While you and I both know that homeschooling parents count as teachers, some companies don’t seem to agree with us. So, in an effort to set the record straight for homeschooling parents like you and me, I did one of the things I do best…I logged into my Facebook account and sent a message to the Ikea Facebook page.

To make sure I cover all the bases, I’m sharing a screenshot of our conversation below!

Homeschoolers can take advantage of the Ikea Student and Teacher Discount, too!

Here are the basic details:

YES, homeschoolers can take advantage of 15% off their Ikea purchase with homeschool identification. Homeschool ID cards are available for FREE from Homeschool Planet with a valid membership, or even created using an editing program like Canva. If you live in a state requiring a letter or declaration of an intent to homeschool to be filed annually, you could even use that document as homeschooling proof.

NO, you cannot combine the free Ikea Family membership 5% discount with the 15% educator discount. If you ask me, that’s ok, though – I’ll happily take advantage of the 15% discount while I can! I also totally suggest getting Ikea’s Family membership if you don’t already have one. It comes with a bunch of perks including a free cup of coffee every time you visit your favorite Swedish restaurant.

(sidenote: I haven’t tried this out myself yet, but, if you have purchased anything from Ikea in the past 90 days, and you scanned your Ikea Family membership at checkout, you should be able to get your purchase price adjusted to reflect the homeschool discount! Since we’ve been organizing our “new” home, we’ve made plenty of Ikea purchases recently. I’m going to try this out!)

NO, you do not need to sign up for a separate Ikea teacher card. To take advantage of the Ikea homeschool discount, just show your homeschooling proof to the cashier during checkout. Easy peasy!

YES, this IS a limited-time offer. Ikea is celebrating their 80th anniversary and part of that celebration is offering this 15% teacher discount until September 5, 2023. Even if you’re reading this article after September 5, though…definitely sign up for the free Ikea Family membership and take advantage of 5% off! #asavingsisasavings

Enjoy the Ikea Homeschool discount!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help! In the meantime, check out some of the other awesome homeschool discounts available to homeschooling families!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

Elizabeth Dukart is a proud Georgia-based born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 human boys & 1 canine boy.

Created in 2021, Elizabeth owns and publishes That Homeschool Family: a free resource for homeschooling parents and beyond! A seasoned blogger, Elizabeth previously published a popular location-specific family resource blog, but decided to “Pivot!” her blogging focus after she started homeschooling her two boys in 2020. In addition to this blog, you can follow Elizabeth’s homeschooling and family adventures on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She can also be found in her Facebook Group: That Homeschool Family Hangout.

When she’s not busy taking over the world or homeschooling, Elizabeth can be found listening to music (especially The Beatles & Harry Styles!), being silly with her boys, watching movies with family, shopping, or traveling!

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