15 Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

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Getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the kids? These Valentine’s Day books for kids could be perfect for celebrating the holiday or doing a homeschool unit on emotions, holidays, and more.

Picture this: the kids could do a Valentine’s Day craft or two, stream a Valentine’s Day-themed show or two to watch, color in some Valentine’s Day bookmarks, and then everyone could snuggle up to read some books. Sounds great, right?! If you don’t already have a Valentine’s Day family tradition, I totally just took care of that for you. {wink, wink}

Not only will reading these Valentine’s Day books for kids help to add some celebration to the holiday, but you’ll also be fostering a love of reading! Some of the books are funny, some are sweet. Some have activities and some will be books the kids will want to read over and over again. All of them, though, would be great for your annual Valentine’s Day celebration.

15 Valentine's Day Books for Kids

Consider Reading these Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

I Spy With My Little Eye Valentine’s Day By Multiservices Publishing

We certainly appreciate a good “I spy” book around here. Not only are they great for on-the-go fun, but they’re awesome for helping to strengthen working memory and visual learning.

Harvey The Heart Had Too Many Farts By Jane Bexley

I mean, come on. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll definitely listen to a book that has the word “fart” in the title! This Valentine’s Day book even has rhyming and a heartfelt story about friendship.

It’s Laugh O’Clock: Would You Rather? Valentine’s Day Edition By Riddleland

This is one of those Valentine’s Day books for kids that will get the entire family involved! We love doing “would you rather” questions while driving in the car and during dinner time.

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day Is Cool By James Dean & Kimberly Dean

One of our favorite picture book series, this Pete the Cat book even comes with stickers, Valentine’s Day cards, and a poster!

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose! By Lucille Colandro

The beloved old lady is back and she’s swallowed a rose this time! This Valentine’s Day book for kids is part of the hilarious “old lady” series.

The Day it Rained Hearts By Felicia Bond

A great book to read before making Valentine’s for friends and family!

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Love from the Crayons By Drew Daywalt

Explore colors and emotions with on Valentine’s Day, and every other day, with these sweet crayons.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings By Jo Witek

Take advantage of the holiday to open communication about feelings. The book explores the range of emotions we all experience in story form.

A Crankentstein Valentine By Samantha Berger

Part of a series, this hilarious Valentine’s Day Crankenstein book is all about a monster celebrating the holiday of love…even though he’s cranky.

I Am Love: A Book of Compassion By Susan Verde

Not only does this book encourage compassion, but it also comes with yoga poses and a guided meditation for the kids!

The Man Who Stretched Valentine’s Day By Walter Huffman

This is one of those Valentine’s Day books for kids that you’ll read year after year. It has such a heartwarming story and should encourage random acts of kindness.

Valentine’s Day Mad Libs By Dan Alleva

I know, I know. This is a bit of a stretch for a book list here, but we LOVE Mad Libs in our home. They end up being hilarious, my kids have learned so much (hello, parts of speech!), and you DO end up getting a story to read.


A Little SPOT of Love By Diane Alber

This adorably illustrated book helps teach the kids learn how to show & give love.

All You Need is Love By John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Any fellow Beatles fans out there? They’ve always been my favorite! This sweet book shares the well-known lyrics to All You Need is Love right alongside sweet illustrations.

Love Ninja By Mary Nhin

Great for working on life and social skills, this Valentine’s Day book for kids helps kids learn different ways to show love and how to let their loved ones know they care.

These Valentine’s Day books for kids are sure to bring plenty of fun and learning into your Valentine’s Day celebration! If you know of a Valentine’s Day book that deserves to be on this list, let me know in the comments!

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