15 Valentine’s Day Read Aloud Books on YouTube

15 valentines day read aloud books on youtube that homeschool family

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Reading picture books is a great way to make homeschool lessons fun & memorable! Valentine’s Day Read Alouds on YouTube are a great option for an educational activity These Valentine’s Day Read Alouds on YouTube could be just the activity you’ve been looking to add to your homeschool Valentine’s Day celebrations!

Including picture books in our homeschool days is one of my favorite activities! Reading Valentine’s Day books, whether they be picture books or even chapter books, can be beneficial for kids of all ages. And, when I’m not able to read book aloud, or when we want a change in pace, I’m always happy to include Valentine’s Day YouTube read aloud videos.

I hope this list of 15 Valentine’s Day books to read helps to make your homeschool Valentine’s Day celebration the best it can be! Many of the book suggestions below are typically geared towards pre-k to elementary age kids, but they can also serve as a nice walk down memory lane for your older kids, too!

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Valentine’s Day YouTube Read Aloud Books

I have a feeling you and your kids are going to love these Valentine’s Day book suggestions! Consider bookmarking this article or even add the link to your phone’s home screen. I have included links to purchase each of the books, but, if you’re a library-goer like myself, you might want to have the author and title information handy so you can easily find the books during your next visit to the library. (PS – did you know that the library has some of my favorite ways to make homeschool travel budget friendly? True story!)

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Little Blue Truck’s Valentine

Watch Little Blue Truck’s Valentine on YouTube or get the book – my kids have always loved the books in the “Little Blue Truck” series!

A Crankenstein Valentine

Watch a Crankenstein Valentine on YouTube or get the book – the second in a series, there’s even a Crankenstein Halloween book, too!

Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool

Watch Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool on YouTube or get the book – Pete the Cat books have been making my kids laugh for years!

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt and Writing Prompts for Homeschoolers That Homeschool Family

The Night Before Valentine’s Day

Watch The Night Before Valentine’s Day on YouTube or get the book – My kids have grown up reading & listening to the “Night Before” series. The stories are always so sweet!


Watch Valensteins on YouTube or get the book – Monsters in love?! That sounds right up our alley!

Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day

Watch Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day on YouTube or get the book – Clifford is a classic! My kids still enjoy hearing stories about the big red dog.

I Love You, Too

Watch I Love You, Too on YouTube or get the book – written by Ziggy Marley, this book has been praised for being diverse and sweet.

Valentine's Day Bookmarks, Color in From That Homeschool Family

Valentine’s Day Jitters

Watch Valentine’s Day Jitters on YouTube or get the book – I love the illustrations in this book! It could even lead into some positivity and social emotional learning lessons.

The Valentine Bears

Watch The Valentine Bears Read Aloud on YouTube or get the book – There’s such a sweet Valentine’s Day message in this book.

National Days in February Writing Prompts set from That Homeschool Family

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse

Watch Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse on YouTube or get the book – Part of the “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” series, this book is a classic!

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink

Watch Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink on YouTube or get the book – If your kids have stinky feet (like most kids out there! lol), you gotta read this book with them!

Katie Woo: No Valentines for Katie

Watch Katie Woo: No Valentines for Katie on YouTube or get the book – A cute, Valentine’s Day book with a message about friendship and compassion.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George

Watch Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George on YouTube or get the book – Our favorite mischief-making monkey celebrates Valentine’s Day!

In My Heart

Watch the In My Heart Valentine’s Day Read Aloud on YouTube or get the book – a sweet picture book of feelings, this could be a nice way to incorporate some social emotional learning lessons into your homeschool Valentine’s Day lessons.

Mr. Goat’s Valentine

Watch Mr. Goat’s Valentine read aloud book on YouTube or get the book – Fabulous illustrations, this book is definitely on our must read/watch list for Valentine’s Day!

Is there a Valentine’s Day book that should’ve been included in this list? There’s always room for more! Email me with your suggestions – I’m happy to add it!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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