3 Ways to Support Homeschool Lessons

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Think you need to know everything about everything in order to homeschool your kids? Think again! I’ve got three ways to support homeschool lessons that are sure to make homeschooling less stressful, more effective, and…most important…more fun!

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One Size Fits All?

When it comes to homeschooling, there are many ways to go about it. Being able to completely customize education is, honestly, one of my favorite part of homeschooling. Are all children the same? No. Are all families the same? Nope! We’re all different, with different needs, “quirks,” and interests, so it just makes sense that we all learn in different ways, right?

As homeschooling parents, we have the incredible opportunity of being able to provide a custom education for our kids. No matter our family’s chosen homeschooling style(s), it’s nearly guaranteed that every homeschooled child will end up having a completely unique, one-of-a-kind educational experience.

How cool is that? How lucky are our kids?

That being said, it can be easy to get overwhelmed in regards to making the “right” choices when it comes to homeschooling our kids. It’s easy to get caught up in the homeschooling myths that the “parents must provide the entire home education experience” or that “parents need a teaching degree to homeschool.” Um, no.

Why Homeschool Support?

Whenever I see a homeschooling parent struggling with either the subject knowledge, time, or self-confidence, necessary for teaching their child about something, I always make the same suggestion: “outsource it!”

What does it mean to outsource homeschool lessons? Well, plainly said, it means to delegate the responsibility of teaching a lesson to someone else.

Let me be clear about this: there is absolutely no shame in outsourcing or getting support for homeschool lessons. Outsourcing lessons does not mean you are any less of a homeschooling parent and does not mean that you lack some sort of ability. You are still an amazing parent and you are more than capable of providing an excellent educational experience for your child(ren).

It if anything, it means that you saw a need for homeschool support and responsibly filled it.

3 Options for Homeschool Support

There are likely numerous options out there for supporting homeschool lessons out there, but we’re going to keep it simple today by going over 3 of those options: online classes, co-ops, and learning pods. Sound good? Let’s go!

Online Classes

One way to get support with homeschool lessons is to sign the kids up for classes through an online-based provider. There are a number of companies that provide this service for kids of all ages. Classes of all subjects, levels, and themes are offered so you’re likely to find many options available for whichever lessons you’re seeking.

Since online classes tend to only require internet access and a form of technology (laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.), online classes are a great option both for families on-the-go. Likewise, online classes are also a great option for families that truly embrace the “home” part of the term “homeschool.”

Some online classes are a one-time event while others complete curriculum instruction provided over an extended period of time. You’ll likely find many subject-specific experts teaching online classes (awesome!). Since many online classes are live, your kids could have the opportunity to learn from, and interact with, a number of teachers.

Pricing for online classes do vary, but many do offer referral programs so, if you enjoy a class, you can earn discounts by referring your fellow homeschool parent friends.

Art projects are even better when you don’t have to scrounge the house for materials, right?! Yay for homeschool support options!


If you’re looking for a local, often less-formal, option for outsourcing homeschool classes, definitely consider joining a co-op!

A homeschool co-op typically the result of a group of homeschooling parents coming together (co-operating) to share the responsibility of teaching the children. Oftentimes, parents take turns teaching certain subjects and/or lessons to all or some of the kids involved in the co-op.

A co-op can be a great option for supporting homeschool education as long as:

  • you are comfortable teaching some content
  • you get along with the other members of the co-op
  • you have a co-op (with openings) near you or within your acceptable traveling distance

Choosing to join a co-op could be a great option if you’re looking for more socialization opportunities for the kids (and yourself!) are comfortable with your child(ren) learning in a group setting.

Because co-ops are often an informal form of homeschool education, the parents teaching may or may not be “experts” in the subjects they’re teaching, but they likely always have the child’s best interest in mind when teaching.

Co-Op pricing can vary from free to “sky’s the limit” depending on variables like the co-op location, size of the group, and subjects being covered. In addition, your ability to find a co-op in your area is not guaranteed.

Learning Pods

Another super easy way to support homeschool lessons is to utilize learning pods! The way I see it, online classes are a nice way to support a child’s academic needs while co-ops are more focused on the socialization aspects of learning. Learning pods, though? They’re a nice balance of the two!

Have you heard of KaiPod Learning Pods? They could be the homeschool support solution you’ve been searching for!

Why Consider KaiPod Learning?

  • Bring your Own Curriculum
    • You know how your child learns best. I love that KaiPod does not require kids to follow a certain curriculum in order to receive homeschool support. This allows for a truly custom experience and ensures a smooth continuation of learning between home and your Learning Pod location. (This means that my kids could take their beloved Miacademy lessons to their Learning Pod coach and ask them questions while I take a well-deserved breather)
  • Additional Learning Opportunities
    • In our family, we’re all about field trips and educational travel. There’s just something special about learning through immersive and hands-on experiences, don’t you think? KaiPod Learning sees the value in hands-on learning, too! In fact, they offer their members a number of opportunities to participate in field trips, collaborative games, science experiments, and more!
  • Flexible Schedule
    • One reason we’ve avoided participating in some homeschool support options is because they require a certain time commitment. While some people maybe able to commit to attending Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 10-2 every week for a number of months, busy families like us just can’t. KaiPod Learning offers a number of membership options that will work with your life (and budget!)

Even more? They have locations all across the United States. I totally wish they had a location close to our home because I would love to have an outside source for homeschool support for the boys! Definitely look through their site to see if there’s a location near you!

Personalized Learning Done Right

There you have it! Just three of many ways to support homeschool lessons. I likely didn’t even scratch the surface of all the ways, but we’ll consider this a great starting point, right?

We are so lucky to have so many amazing homeschooling resources right at our fingertips, right? Can you imagine homeschooling before the internet? It certainly was possible, but, geeze, I can’t even imagine figuring out homeschooling recommendations and such without having the help of homeschooling bloggers and search engines!

I hope you’ve found this to be a helpful homeschooling resource! However you continue your homeschool experience & whatever you decide on as options for supporting homeschool lessons, just know that you’re doing a great job as a homeschooling parent!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)
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