BOOK IT! Pizza Hut Summer Reading Program for Kids is Back!

kids reading books on the beach thinking about pizza hut pizza

Want your kids to earn free pizza for reading books? Pizza Hut has revived their BOOK IT! program and we are here for it! You know what this means, right? An entire summer of reading books AND eating pizza! Consider it a done deal.

If you were a kid growing up in the 90’s, the name Pizza Hut was pretty much synonymous to “reading.” We’d print out the book tally charts and read until that chart was filled. Then, we’d head over to our local Pizza Hut and devour our very own free pizza. One personal pan pizza that was mine, all mine, served still sizzling in that ridiculously hot dish, please and thank you!

(This article was originally published in 2021, but was updated in 2024.)

Now, your kids can have a similar experience by participating in the relaunched Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Summer Reading program.

And the crowd cheers!

About the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Summer Reading Program

I don’t know about you, but, in my home, my kids are totally motivated to read when there’s a delicious pizza party to be earned. Heck, I’m even more likely to encourage them to read because, when they earn Pizza Hut pizza, it means I’m going to order my husband and I a stuffed crust with pineapple, onions, and ham for the topping.

Not a fan of Hawaiian pizza? Just shush and move along. (3/4 of my family think it’s delicious!)

Elizabeth Dukart and son standing in front of a Pizza Hut Classic sign in North Georgia
Do you have any dine-in Pizza Huts near you anymore? We happened to find one in North Georgia and it was a delicious blast from the past!

Anyways, starting in June, kids ages 4-12 can earn a free one-topping personal pan pizza when they reach their monthly reading goals! During enrollment, parents have the option of selecting one of three measurement options:

  • number of minutes read
  • number of pages read
  • number of books read

Back when I was little, I remember we had to read a certain number of books per month to earn our pizzas. I’m so glad that there are a variety of options, allowing kids of all reading levels to participate!

In the past, parents would also have to manually write down their kids summer reading on a piece of paper for the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! summer program. Now, though? The book record-keeping can all be done on the BOOK IT! digital dashboard!

Pan pizza from Pizza Hut
The Pan Pizza was just as delicious as I remembered, but (somehow) without the fear of burning my fingers on the scalding hot pizza pan.

Once a child has reached their monthly reading goals, parents can login into their account to get their child’s pizza reward code! There is an option to print the reward coupon, but I typically use the code to order the free pizza delivered through the Pizza Hut app or website.

Recording Summer Reading Progress

As much as I love being able to keep a digital record of my kids BOOK IT! progress, I tend to lean on the “old school” side of things and actually prefer having to manually write down the “books read” details.

To help motivate my own kids to read, and to allow them to have ownership over their own reading progress, we use these free printable monthly reading logs to keep track of the amount of time they’ve read each day.

There’s just something about a daily visual reminder and the physical action of coloring in a reading log, you know? It’s more satisfying than clinking a few keys on a keyboard.

family reading books on the beach

I typically have my kids aim for a goal of reading for thirty minutes each day. If they go over those thirty minutes, I’m thrilled, but it’s not required. I gotta choose my battles and sometimes quiet reading time isn’t a battle I’m willing to fight.

If you have younger kids, you may opt to aim for a certain number of picture books each day or a certain number of chapters per day. If you have older kids, or more enthusiastic readers, you may aim for an hour of reading per day!

An hour of reading?! Oh, a mother can dream, can’t she?

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Reading All Summer Long!

While the Pizza Hut Summer Reading Program may be the tastiest summer program you’ll find, there many summer reading programs your kids can participate in! Here are a few more options for summer reading challenges:

So, I have two questions for you. Will your kids be signing up for the Pizza Hut Summer Reading Program? Since the answer to that is “of course,” my next question is…what topping is your child going to pick? If I had to guess, I think my oldest will chose bacon and my youngest will choose pepperoni. Yum!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your families,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

Elizabeth Dukart is a proud Georgia-based born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 human boys & 1 canine boy.

Created in 2021, Elizabeth owns and publishes That Homeschool Family: a free resource for homeschooling parents and beyond! A seasoned blogger, Elizabeth previously published a popular location-specific family resource blog, but decided to “Pivot!” her blogging focus after she started homeschooling her two boys in 2020. In addition to this blog, you can follow Elizabeth’s homeschooling and family adventures on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She can also be found in her Facebook Group: That Homeschool Family Hangout.

When she’s not busy taking over the world or homeschooling, Elizabeth can be found listening to music (especially The Beatles & Harry Styles!), being silly with her boys, watching movies with family, shopping, or traveling!

Have a question or want to work with Elizabeth? Send her an email!

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  1. Mary says:

    This brings back great memories. My cousins and I would have charts and stickers and the excitement about the pizza was Amazing! Thanks for sharing as I run to sign up my little one

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    I remember Book It when I was a kid. Wow, my girls would love this!

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    Thank you for sharing. I did not know about the book it program by Pizza Hut. Will check it out

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    I remember these when my kiddos were younger. So cool they still do this.

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