Homeschool Travel Must Haves

homeschool travel must haves

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Whether planning a visit near or far, there are always a few items I bring along as I consider them my homeschool travel must haves. We are out of the home a lot (why do they call it homeschool if we’re hardly ever at home?!), so these items certainly make our lives that much better.

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Whether planning a visit near or far, there are always a few items I bring along as I consider them my homeschool travel must haves. We are out of the home a lot (why do they call it homeschool if we're hardly ever at home?!), so these items certainly make our lives that much better.

Now, while some of our homeschool travel must haves are better suited for local travel, ALL of them are great for extended travel. So, whether you’re headed to the playground for a few hours or leaving for a week-long cabin camping trip, we’ve found all of the following items to be helpful.

I’m excited to share with you my favorite homeschool travel items that make our lives easier.

I’m not going to go into travel must haves for specific destinations (like, items to pack for cabin camping would be WAY different than for a trip to an amusement park, you know?)

Before you go ahead and have days worth of deliveries arriving at your home…definitely check out your local Buy Nothing Group! If you’re ok with utilizing gently-used items, Buy Nothing Groups can be a wonderful way to reuse items while getting to know those in your community.

My Favorite Travel Items

Filtered Water Bottle

We bring a bottle of water everywhere we go. It’s a no-brainer that, as soon as the kids get in the car, they’ll be thirsty…might as well plan ahead!

When we’re traveling far enough that we’ll need to refill our water bottles, filtered water bottles are amazing! You know how the water sometimes tastes funny (read: bad) when visiting other places? Filtered water bottles really help with that!

We have a set of Brita Filtered Water Bottles and, while they can be a bit pricey at first, these are purchases that I definitely appreciate.


I mean, really…you should know about this one by now. Just as the kids will immediately become thirsty, they’ll be just as (if not more) hungry. Whatever you think is a suitable number of snacks to bring, consider doubling or tripling that number. If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll start eating like it’s nobody’s business when out and about.

Travel Squatty Potty

I don’t even care if you make fun of me for this one! I think it’s funny, too, but they totally work! Obviously, this suggestion is more for long-distance travel, but bringing along a travel squatty potty can make a world of difference when it comes to your…um…comfort while traveling. It even comes with a travel bag!

Really, if you haven’t embraced the Squatty Potty life yet – get a move on it! (Pun not intended…or was it?)

Water Socks

You caught me! Water socks haven’t always been one of my homeschool travel must haves, but hear me out.

We recently bought water socks to wear while visiting a water park. They were amazing. Super comfortable, lightweight, and pretty reasonably priced. They don’t require a ton of room for storage and dry out pretty quickly.

If you’re the kind of person that prefers to wear shower shoes while showering in a hotel or public shower…water socks would be a great option for you!

travel printable set from that homeschool family


I’m so serious! We use clipboards all the time! They serve as an easy “desk” while driving in the car, come in handy for completing on-location worksheets or scavenger hunts, and…in a pinch…make for a nice surface for a drive-through meal.

Small Games

A deck of cards can make a world of difference when stuck in a long line or traffic. If you have room in your bag, consider throwing a travel-sized game or two inside just to prepare.

First Aid Kit

We don’t want anyone to get hurt, but it’s always a good job to prepare! A first aid kit is definitely one of our homeschool travel must haves!

Comfortable Shoes

I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly no spring chicken. Whether we’re going on a day trip or heading out for a week away from home, I definitely make sure to pack some comfy, supportive shoes!

A Blanket

There are so many uses for a blanket so they’ve always been one of our homeschool travel must haves. If the kids are cold, they have the blanket! If we’re taking a detour to walk on the beach, we have the blanket! Having an impromptu picnic in the park? Blanket!

We especially like waterproof picnic blankets because, in case the ground is wet, we’ll stay dry!

Last, but not Least…

An open mind! When you’re out with your kids, don’t worry if things don’t always go exactly as planned. Embrace the adventure and enjoy the moments!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

Elizabeth Dukart is a proud Georgia-based born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 human boys & 1 canine boy.

Created in 2021, Elizabeth owns and publishes That Homeschool Family: a free resource for homeschooling parents and beyond! A seasoned blogger, Elizabeth previously published a popular location-specific family resource blog, but decided to “Pivot!” her blogging focus after she started homeschooling her two boys in 2020. In addition to this blog, you can follow Elizabeth’s homeschooling and family adventures on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. She can also be found in her Facebook Group: That Homeschool Family Hangout.

When she’s not busy taking over the world or homeschooling, Elizabeth can be found listening to music (especially The Beatles & Harry Styles!), being silly with her boys, watching movies with family, shopping, or traveling!

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