21 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Garden Meditation Day with Kids!

21 fun ways to celebrate national garden meditation day with kids

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Planning on celebrating National Garden Meditation Day with the kids this year and looking for some fun activities? We gotcha! Our list of 21 ways to celebrate National Garden Meditation Day, on May 3, with your family should make for a great time and maybe even some gorgeous garden blooms!

Now, before we get to the list, one way we celebrate National Garden Meditation Day on May 3, and every other national day throughout the year during our homeschool day, is to do a quick writing prompt! Depending on the day, a quick National Day writing prompt will take my boys no more than 10 minutes to do and serves as a fun way to chat about the national day theme for the day! Whether you’re homeschooling your kids, teaching elementary-level students, or just looking for a fun way to get them writing, you should totally check out our National Day writing prompts for May and every month of the year!

Ok, ready for some fun ways to celebrate National Garden Meditation Day with kids this year? We’ve got plenty of ideas for you! Since National Garden Meditation Day is meant to to encourage relaxation and quality time spent in a garden, most of our suggestions are garden and meditation themed and can be done with or without siblings!

21 ways to celebrate national garden meditation day with kids!

21 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Garden Meditation Day with Kids on May 3!

  1. Read some books about gardening or meditation! Better yet? WRITE your own book about gardening or meditation!
  2. Spend some time pulling weeds in the garden. It’s not necessarily a fun activity, but try making a friendly competition out of it!
  3. Make plans to start a vegetable garden at home. We have a vegetable garden every year and have found the following vegetables to be great for beginners:
    • tomatoes
    • peppers
    • cucumbers
    • eggplant
    • zucchini
  4. Get out the paints and canvases and paint some images of your favorite flowers.
  5. Learn how to meditate.
  6. Watch and try meditating with YouTube.
  7. Enjoy a meal that’s vegetable based. Make it Dairy Free has some plenty of vegan recipes to choose from!
  8. Write a list of goals and then meditate on them.
  9. Get some new decorations for your garden. We love having gnomes in our garden!
  10. Make a fairy garden in the garden!
  11. Grab our positive affirmation coloring pages and color one while sitting by the garden.
  12. Try your hand at growing vegetables or herbs indoors! We started an Aerogarden a few weeks ago and it’s been neat watching the herbs grow!
  13. Get dirty and spend some time digging in the garden. Who can find the most worms?
  14. Enjoy a picnic meal in the garden.
  15. Have a dance party in the garden while playing songs that mention flowers! This list of songs can help with that!
  16. Write a poem about your favorite flower.
  17. Learn about your birth month flower.
  18. Make plans to make a place for relaxation in your yard. Maybe a hammock is in order?
  19. Use chalk to draw floral designs on the sidewalk!
  20. Pick some flowers from the garden to display inside your home. There’s nothing like a fresh floral display!
  21. Visit a local botanical garden. In our area, we love to visit Longwood Gardens!

I bet there are SO many more fun ways you and your kids could celebrate National Garden Meditation Day, but….really…do you want to be reading an article all day or do you want to be enjoying a day filled with family fun?!

That’s what I thought!

I hope you have a blast celebrating National Garden Meditation Day on May 3 with the kids! As always, feel free to share any photos or tag That Homeschool Family on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see how your family was able to celebrate National Garden Meditation Day together!

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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