10 Simple Things to do Before Going Apple Picking with Kids

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I love fall, don’t you? Bring on apple picking with kids, hayrides, pumpkin carving, and spooky decorations, am I right? The minute the temps go below 80 degrees, I’m pretty much team “pumpkin spice everything.” There’s just something magical about the cool, crisp air of fall. As a mom of two young children, I’ve learned a few ways to make our trips go as smooth as possible.

When they were tiny though? I’d get so excited to go on our adventures that I’d often forget to plan ahead enough and that could be frustrating for all involved. Since then, though, I’ve figured out what I need to do to ensure our outings go smoothly and, now, you all get to benefit from that experience. I’m sharing 10 simple things to do before apple picking with kids so that your experience is as awesome as possible!

10 Simple Things to do Before Apple Picking with Kids

Find a Location to go Apple Picking

I would keep it simple by Googling “where to go apple picking near me.” If there are locations nearby, they will show up! Then, I would check one of the most reliable review options I’ve experienced: your local Facebook mom group. Yep, you read right. Moms will always give honest feedback on local family experiences. Ask them where they go apple picking with kids and take their suggestions into consideration.

Pick a Day and Time to go Apple Picking

In my experience, fall activities with kids seem to work better on weekdays instead of weekends. Work schedules and prior engagements may not always allow for weekday visits, but, fall family attractions always seem to be less crowded on weekdays.

For a stress-free apple picking experience, consider visiting on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Visiting an apple orchard on a Monday or Friday may yield smaller crowds than the weekend, but will likely be more crowded than going in the middle of the week.

As far as timing, when it comes to kids, I find it’s best to go early or go late! Crowds tend to be lighter in the mornings and you’ll get the benefit of a well-rested (read: happy) child. Consider nap times and rush hour when planning the time of day to go apple picking.


Bring Cash

You know why I’m making the suggestion to bring cash to an apple orchard? It’s possible I may have driven 45 minutes to an orchard only to spend an additional 45 minutes driving to and from a bank to withdraw cash. Yep. Some orchards do not accept credit cards and accept cash only, so take a moment to visit the bank before heading out to pick apples!

Dress in Layers

Fall weather can be tricky. Plan to bring a light jacket along just in case the weather gets chilly! Consider bringing bug spray and sunscreen with you as well because, if the weather isn’t chilly, it could be unseasonably warm. Gotta love that fall weather!

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Wear Appropriate Footwear

Even if it’s still warm enough to wear your beloved flip-flops, it’s been my experience that apple picking can get messy! Depending on the weather, consider wearing sneakers or rainboots. There’s nothing quite like picking apples with feet in sopping wet socks, right?

Pack a Picnic

It’s almost a given the kids will get hungry, right? Avoid stopping for fast food by packing a picnic meal to enjoy at the orchard either before or after apple picking with kids. Consider including some items to complement your freshly-picked apples like sliced cheese, honey, peanut butter, and deli meats. Apple orchards will usually sell fresh apple cider, so pack a few reusable cups, too!

little girl, wearing a red tank top, with a pony tail reaching up to pick an apple out of a tree

Charge your Phone

I know this should be a given, but, I have totally gone on an adventure with an almost-dead phone and it was NOT good! Before you head out, charge up your phone and have a car charger and battery pack just in case. You’ll want to be able to make phone calls if necessary and use the camera to capture all the moments! If you’d like to plan ahead with some ideas for photographs, check out our Pinterest Board full of fall family photo ideas!

Pack Apple Picking Supplies

If you have a wagon, stick that in your car before heading out to pick apples. You never know if little legs could get tired of walking the apple orchard, so might as well be prepared. While you’re at it, pack a few reusable bags to hold your apples and consider bringing a knife and a cleaner to nibble on your freshly picked apples!

freshly picked apples sitting on a brown woven basket on top of a wood table

Invite Friends & Family

Reach out to local friends and family and see if they’d like to join! The kids could enjoy the company of playmates and you’ll get to spend time with adults – win-win, right?! You may even want to make this a yearly tradition.

Pick with a Purpose

As much fun as it can be to go apple picking with kids, you want to make sure you’ll have a purpose for the apples. Some are best for baking, some are best for snacking. Learn about the different varieties of apples before picking them and go with a plan.

If you want to make homemade applesauce, for instance, you’ll need more apples than if you’d want to make this tasty caramel apple danish or this apple ginger pie, right? Believe me, I’ve gone apple picking without a purpose before and then had to figure out what to do with 40 pounds of apples at home. That was interesting to say the least!

Who’s ready for some apple picking?

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)
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