Super Fun Spring Haiku Poem Activity for Kids

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Make learning about haiku poems fun and interactive with a spring haiku poem activity set!

I’m all about making learning as exciting as possible. When it comes to learning about poems, I’ve found that it’s a topic homeschool parents tend to avoid or put off as long as possible. Why? It can be super boring, seem outdated, and often overwhelming to teach.

I get it. I really do. That’s why I decided to go ahead and make teaching kids about haiku poetry as easy as possible with a free activity packet!

What’s a Haiku?

A haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of only three lines of text and, surprise surprise, doesn’t have to rhyme! Haiku’s are often fun, quirky, and take the reader on something of a mini adventure through nature. Haikus follow a 5-7-5 syllable structure making teaching kids haiku writing super simple as long as they have an understanding of syllables.

If you’d like to teach your kids how to write a spring haiku poem as part of a homeschool poetry unit plan, but they don’t quite understand how syllables work just yet…no worries! The spring haiku poem activity freebie covers that!

Benefits of Teaching Kids Haiku

Teaching kids how to write haiku poems offers a ton of benefits that extend beyond “just” poetry! Let’s chat a bit about how this traditional form of poetry can positively impact a child’s educational development and overall well-being, m’kay?

Language Development

Writing haiku poems can serve as a fabulous tool for enhancing a child’s language skills! When writing a spring haiku poem, kids are limited to selecting only a few words per line. While the kids may initially find this to be a frustrating task, you’ll soon see that this limitation results in kids being super selective in the meaning and feeling they want their haiku to convey. This not only boosts their vocabulary skills, but also strengthens their grammar skills since they are limited by the 5-7-5 haiku syllable structure format.

butterfly in a field of flowers
Have you tried hatching butterflies from eggs with the kids before? It’s such a fun & memorable activity!

Creativity and Self-Expression

Because writing haiku poetry only allows for a few lines of limited syllables, kids are empowered to use words they may not otherwise use in everyday language to convey thoughts and feelings. How’s that for creativity?!

Writing haiku poems nurtures kids imaginations by encouraging them to find beauty and meaning in “ordinary” words. This can result in a deeper connection to the world around them and can encourage them to take advantage of more opportunities for creative expression and original thinking.

Who knows! Your homeschool poetry lesson could end up getting you an extra helper or two in your home garden!

Mindfulness and Observation

Traditionally, haiku poems are written in relation to nature. In this day and age, screens are such big part of so many lives. Screens can be helpful and can provide so many learning opportunities, but having kids write spring haiku poems can result in them being more mindful of their surroundings…thus encouraging them to spend more time in nature!

In addition, the process of writing haiku with children can be somewhat meditative. The kids have to focus on the meaning within each word, the syllable count, and making sure their selection of words all contribute to the feeling & message within their haiku. This can be (fingers crossed) super calming and promote mental and emotional awareness.

Maybe they’ll even go to bed early that night?

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Teaching Kids to Write Haiku

Ready to start writing haiku with the kids? I gotchu! My spring haiku poem activity packet is the perfect (free) resource for your homeschool poetry study and for helping you to teach your kids to write haiku! Not only will it help to provide the opportunity for the previously mentioned benefits to blossom within your child, but…it’s a meaningful, memorable, and fun activity.


Haiku Poem Activity Pack

Whether you use this freebie alone or in combination with any of the upcoming resources, your kids will finish the activity having a new understanding (and – fingers crossed – an appreciation) of poetry.

The spring haiku poetry activity pack includes the following:

  • 1 “what is a haiku” worksheet that goes over haiku poems and their structure as well as an example of a haiku poem written by yours truly
  • 1 “what is a syllable” worksheet that explains what a syllable is and how to break words down into syllables
  • 1 “how many syllables” spring-themed worksheet to help strengthen your child’s understanding of syllables and how to determine the number of syllables in a word
  • 1 “haiku pre-writing” worksheet to help your child make a plan for writing their spring haiku poem
  • 1 page of 1-syllable spring-themed words
  • 1 page of 2-syllable spring-themed words
  • 1 page of 3-syllable spring-themed words
  • 1 page of 4-syllable spring-themed words
  • 1 page to write a spring haiku poem (including the 5-7-5 structure)
  • 1 page to write a spring haiku poem (without the 5-7-5 structure)
  • 1 page to write a spring haiku poem with space to draw an image underneath

Go ahead the spring haiku poetry activity pack here!

photo of pink tulips and blue hyacinth flowers in a garden in full bloom
Hyacinths (3 syllables) and tulips (2 syllables) are some of my favorite spring flowers! Hyacinths smell so amazing, don’t they?!

Haiku Poem Books

Further your haiku poem activity for kids by including some haiku poem books! Before purchasing, definitely check your local library and other places that offer books at a discount. If you have an KindleUnlimited membership, many of the following books can be read using your membership:

My First Book of Haiku Poems: a Picture, a Poem and a Dream; Classic Poems by Japanese Haiku Masters

If It Rains Pancakes: Haiku and Lantern Poems (Poetry Adventures)

Perfectly Poetic: Zoo Animal Haikus

Haikus for Little Monsters: An Illustrated Poetry Book for Our Adorable Creatures Ages 3 -10

What I Lick Before Your Face: And Other Haikus by Dogs

Please Stop Touching Me … and Other Haikus by Cats

Spring Haiku Poem Activity Packet - 11 pages of spring haiku poem learning

Sharing and Celebrating Haiku

You know I’m all about making lessons as hands on and immersive as possible, right? You won’t be surprised by my next suggestion!

After the kids have finished writing their spring haikus, what are you going to do with them? Hang them on the fridge? Put them away in a file for your homeschool records?

I mean, those ideas are all fine & dandy, but…hear me out…how about you get together with some friends so all the kids can share their haiku poems together?

Yep! Send this article to all your friends so they can download the free spring haiku packet. After they all print it out and the kids complete the activities, you all can get together for a haiku party!

Just think about it:

  • celebrating nature IN nature: everyone can meet at a local park for the haiku party!
  • haiku-themed food descriptions: the kids can write descriptions for treats in haiku form. Serving chips? I’ll help you out:

Crispy potatoes

In this bowl for everyone

Go ahead, dig in

  • question/answer session: encourage the kids to ask questions and learn more about their friend’s haikus!
  • include a craft: Pinterest has so many cute spring craft ideas! This beaded garden sparkler looks like fun and would encourage the kids to spend more time in the garden!

Enjoy Writing Spring Haiku Poems!

Even though I’m not much of a poetry writer myself, I’ve always found haikus to be approachable and inviting. Their short structure makes them “easy” to write and “consume.” And, I love that haikus can be both meaningful & funny despite only being comprised of 17 syllables!

Once the kids start writing haikus, who knows…they’ll likely feel confident enough to continue on in their homeschool poetry-writing journey!

As always, if you have any questions about this super fun homeschool poetry activity, go ahead and leave a comment or email me. I’m happy to help!

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)
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