60 Positive Affirmation Bookmarks l Mandala


Encourage reading & positivity in your classrooms and homes with this set of positive affirmation bookmarks! Color-in the affirmations and mandalas for a uplifting experience!


Encourage positivity in your classrooms and homes with this set of positive affirmation color-in bookmarks! Designed as a resource to use throughout the entire year, (1 per week) you’ll get a total of 60 printable color-in positive affirmation bookmarks (in PDF) form. ✺ But there are 52 weeks in a year? ✺ As with all of my resources, I like to over deliver and give you the most bang for your buck! Just in case you’re not jiving with any of the coloring pages, there are a few extra.

encourage reading & positivity with positive affirmation printable color-in bookmarks from that homeschool family, 60 bookmarks included with image of blank bookmarks and colorful mandalas

What’s Included?

✻ 60 total bookmarks, 4 bookmarks per page (this equals 15 pages of bookmarks)

➸ each bookmark includes 1 positive affirmation

✻ “60 Positive Affirmations for Kids” printable poster

✻ “Find it Fast” sheet

➸ so you don’t have to search through the whole PDF for a certain affirmation!

✻ terms of service


*This set includes the same positive affirmations as our Positive Affirmation Coloring Pages AND our Positive Affirmation Rainbow Wall Art


How I Envision this Resource Being Used…

✹ as an independent coloring activity

✹ as a supplemental character education resource

✹ in a classroom library, guidance office, front desk, etc.

✹ as a reward system (“collect them all!”)

✹ as a way to encourage literacy and positive self-esteem!


Bookmarks and positive affirmations are great for ALL ages! Use these year after year and for multiple grades!




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