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If you’re looking for a fun way to get your students writing and celebrating the national days all year long, this could be perfect!

As a veteran special education teacher turned homeschooling mom of two elementary-age boys, I know that standard writing prompts can get old and boring fast. The kids don’t want to do them, teachers don’t want to read them…ugh. These National Days writing prompts are a great option because they’re fun, they’re relevant, and they encourage creativity and critical thinking. Score!

I typically let my kids complete these National Days to Celebrate writing prompts as the first task on their daily homeschool schedule. Starting the day off with a fun activity, in which there are really no right or “wrong” answers, gets them excited for their day and gets us started on the right foot. Since this printable set includes prompts for the entire month, the national days to celebrate writing prompts are pretty much a “set it and forget it” activity because I print out an entire month’s worth of prompts at a time.

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Get more bang for your buck! When you purchase this bundle, instead of each monthly National Days Writing Prompt set separately, you save 20%!

The National Days to Celebrate Bundle writing prompt set includes the following:

  • an entire year’s worth of daily writing prompts…that’s 366 writing prompts!
  • 9 “national month” writing prompts per month…that’s 108 writing prompts!
    • just in case you come across a national day writing prompt that you’re not jiving with, there are 9 per month for backup! These are NOT dated, but are month specific
  • a blank writing prompt template
    • just in case you want to use for other lessons
  • 1 printable, per month, with all of the National Days to Celebrate that we’ve included as well as 9 National Month themes we’ve included per month
  • a journal cover for each monthly set of prompts
    • plenty of space for doodles and personalization, there’s even a spot for your child/student to write their name to claim the writing prompt journal as their own
  • A copy of our daily Creation Challenges for each month
    • this supports the national days to celebrate topics, encourages creativity with hands-on activities, and even allows for you to share your child’s accomplishments on our Facebook Instagram posts!

➨This is a digital download. You will not receive any hard copies of this product in the mail, but will have the ability to download after purchase.

➨If you have any questions about this resource, please email me – I’m happy to help!


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