National Days to Celebrate in January Conversation Cards


Encourage conversational skills, creative thinking, celebrating every day, and more with these printable National Days to Celebrate in January Conversation Cards!


Encourage conversational skills, creative thinking, celebrating every day, and more with these printable National Days to Celebrate in January Conversation Cards!

This is an alternative version of my National Days to Celebrate in January Writing Prompts created to encourage homeschoolers in making memories & learning on the go and in an effort to save paper & time for school teachers.

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Why include those so-called “silly” national days in your daily learning routine? Well, they give us a reason to celebrate every day…why turn down a reason to celebrate?!

Personally, I print, cut, and laminate each conversation card. Then, I use a hole-punch to put a hole in the top left corner of each card. A 1.5″ round binder ring keeps the entire set together. Laminating the cards allows for use year after year!

The space-saving size of this set makes them easy to store in the back pocket of seats in vehicles, inside a desk, or even hanging on a hook on a bulletin board or table.

Use the cards as-is for conversational prompts or pair with a notebook for a daily writing activity!


This printable PDF set includes:

✻ 40 total prompts: 4 per page, sized in 3.5″ squares

➸ 31 prompts are specific “national day” prompts including the date (ex. “January 1”), but NOT the day of the week or year. This resource can be used for ANY calendar year!

➸ 9 prompts are “national month” prompts. Just in case you come across a national day writing prompt you’re not jiving with, these 9 are for backup & extra fun! They are NOT dated, but are month specific.

✻ a “January Conversation Cards” set cover square

➸ each set of monthly conversation cards has a line of 12 circles on the bottom of the cover square. Each circle correlates with a month of the year. In this January set, the first circle is solid black instead of an outlined circle. In the February set, the second circle is solid black and the rest of the circles are outlined, etc. This is the help kids visualize the sequence of months in a year! (See the listing cover image for an example)

✻ a full page, full color printable with ALL of the selected National Days to Celebrate in January that we’ve included as well as the 9 monthly themes we’ve included

✻ terms & conditions page

✻ suggestions for usage and printing page



I don’t like wasting precious paper resources and, since the 4 squares per page leave “extra” space on each page, I included some fun bonuses!


Throughout this printable PDF set, you’ll find:

➸ 3 blank bookmarks for the kids to color in and use throughout the month

➸ 14 kid-friendly jokes

➸ 1 January-themed drawing area


In an effort to avoid having to use color ink, these conversation cards were created using only black text & details!


How I Envision this Resource Being Used…

✹ as a daily bell ringer or start to a lesson

✹ as a way to encourage creative thinking and conversational skills

✹ as a way to see progress in creative writing, thinking, and handwriting throughout the year

✹ as a fun, easy way to find something to celebrate each and every day of the year

✹ as a way to encourage learning while on a road trip, vacation, or even as a parent/child conversation on the way to/from school or activities each day!


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