Dance for Kids: The Online Dance Class they’ll Love!

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Kids want to learn how to dance, but you need convenience? Enter: online dance classes! Up until recently I didn’t even realize this was a thing but dance classes totally exist online…and, as a busy homeschool parent, I’m thrilled it does!

If your kids are anything like mine, they probably really enjoy video games and watching television. Don’t get me wrong, watching and playing is totally ok. There are some days where I’m totally game for binging an entire season of a favorite show or spending a few hours playing The Sims 4. There can totally be value in video games and television, but, if my kids had it their way, they would spend their entire day (if not lifetime) on the sofa.

Because of this, I find myself looking for fun activities that encourage my kids to be active more often than not. I like need these activities to be budget-friendly and, to up the ante even more, they need to fit into our already busy schedule. A tough order to fill, right?

Not anymore. {and the crowd cheers!}

I recently discovered and, you guys, it’s been a hit in our home for a number of reasons. Let’s chat some more, shall we?

Matthew learning how to dance in the style of hip hop through an online dance class with
Siblings aren’t all available at the same time? I love that there’s the option to re-watch lessons on

About YouDance Dance Lessons

Ok, so YouDance was created by a homeschooling mom on a mission to give kids a safe place to learn dance. The subscription includes dance courses in clogging, ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance, and jazz, each complete with videos, quizzes, and practice videos. If you’re a parent of littles, there are even “kids dance along” videos!

All of the lessons in the subscription to are done within a closed, members-only website so we, as parents, don’t have to worry about our kids potentially being exposed to (or clicking) on inappropriate ads. #nostrangerdangerhere

Kids want to learn how to dance, but you need convenience? Enter: online dance classes! Up until recently I didn't even realize this was a thing but dance classes totally exist online...and, as a busy homeschool parent, I'm thrilled it does!

Learn more about online dance classes from - your kids will love them!

Our Online Dance Class Experience

When I first told my boys that they were going to start taking dance lessons, they groaned. They said they didn’t want to leave the house for another class and, if I’m being honest, they were afraid their friends would make fun of them. They told me “only girls take dance class” but…fun fact…according to Zippia, 26.6% of professional dancers in the US are males, so boys do, in fact, take dance lessons.

They should’ve known better than to question a mama with the power of the internet at her fingertips, huh? As I told them that statistic, I also took the opportunity to chat a bit about friendship. I’m all about taking any opportunity to chat about social emotional health, you know?

Our homeschool group is made up of a great group of kids and parents. I told them I was certain that none of the kids would make fun of them for taking dance classes. If anything, they’d totally support my boys. Plus, if kids were to make fun of them….well, they probably weren’t a true friend in the first place. #sorrynotsorry

And, their “not wanting to leave the house” complaint held no weight because their lessons would be 100% online. Bam! offers online dance lesson options for kids of all ages...and even their parents! Learn Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, and even Clogging!

Anyways, I had the boys look through the dance lesson offerings from and they said that they would be interested in taking the Hip Hop course. We decided to do lessons on Mondays because it was one of the only days that we didn’t already have a consistent “out of the house” activity scheduled yet.

Yes, we could stay at home all day, but still do dance lessons. Crazy, right?

Well, at this point, we’re a few weeks into lessons and have no plans on stopping. The boys have really enjoyed the lessons and I’ve enjoyed watching them have fun (!!) and learn. Who would’ve thought?! {cough, cough…mamas…you all knew this would be the outcome, right?! We know what’s up!}

While I totally do love that these online dance classes have been fun for my boys, I also have three main reasons why this subscription to has been a great fit for my family.

There are plenty of online dance classes to choose from with
Let kids can pick which style of dance they’d like to learn!

3 Reasons Why We’ll Stick with

Dance Classes that are Perfect for Busy Families

If you’ve been following me for even a minute, you know my family is busy. Aren’t we all? Well, because having a subscription to means we can access dance lessons at any time of the day…or night…it’s the perfect fit for busy families!

Schedule changed? Kids wake up late or are night owls? Heading out for a road trip, but still want to keep the kids going with their assignments? Kids need to take a break, but don’t want to lose progress made?

I’m telling you, these dance lessons can be done at any time and anywhere. Yay for flexibility!

Fabulous Value

Never mind the cost of any costumes, required footwear, or recitals…you guys, dance lessons can be expensive. Plus, families with 2 or more kids taking lessons? You might as well just hand over (at least) a paycheck each month.

The dance classes provided through are an incredible value. Offering both monthly and yearly subscriptions, homeschool families will get a great bang for their buck with a subscription to

Even better? Subscriptions are purchased by family and not by participant. If you are a homeschooling family with multiple children taking an online dance class, it’s really a no brainer to give a try.

Online Dance Class can be Independent

Listen, I am more than happy to help my kids with whatever they need but, if there’s an opportunity for this mama to take a break…by gosh, I’m taking it. (you know you would, too!)

I love that is set up to allow kids to complete the classes independently. All that’s needed to complete the classes is an internet connect, a screen of some sort (we used a laptop and connected it to a tv), and a space in which to dance. Easy peasy.

In between video classes, the kids can easily complete the quizzes and practice lessons on their own.

Parents, just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your kids have fun! Heck, grab a snack and another cup of coffee while you’re at it, too. You deserve it.

Two boys learning how to dance in the style of hip hop through an online dance class with

Bonus Reason…

You know how my boys were hesitant to start their online dance class because “boys don’t take dance classes”? If the statistic and my “true friends” chat didn’t convince them, the instructors did. The fact that the lessons were taught by both male and female teachers definitely has made my boys more confident and comfortable while completing their online dance classes.

Getting Started

Ready to get your kids started with I don’t blame you! You can learn more by visiting the website and, as always, feel free to leave a comment with any questions that I can help out with.

If you’re into giveaways (I mean, really…who isn’t?), is giving away a year-long subscription to! Enter to win below and definitely let me know if you win! How cool would that be?!

I’ll be sharing our dance class experiences and more on our social media accounts, so definitely give us a follow over on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram! When you share experiences with on your social media, tag me, too! I’d love to see how much your kids are enjoying their online dance class.

Until next time, stay safe & enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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