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If you’re looking for online coding classes for kids that are fun, interactive, and reasonably priced, you definitely need to check out Eureka Champs!

My youngest son is my “gamer kid.” He dreams of becoming the next biggest YouTube star and wants to make and sell his own video games one day. Like many 8-year-olds out there, he would be absolutely thrilled if I were to let him play video games all day, every day.

Honestly, I really don’t blame him! I grew up playing PC games like The Sims (yes, I’ve been playing since the original version!) and, when MySpace was around, I would spend time customizing my “space” with various colors and songs. It’s possible my son might have inherited a love of gaming from his mama!

While I’m not necessarily on board for giving him unlimited video game privileges, I am 100% on board for encouraging him in learning the ins and outs of creating video games from start to finish. Being able to play in, create, and manipulate a virtual world can be exciting, educational, and a potentially valuable & marketable skill!

When it comes to actually teaching how to create video games, though? Yeah, no. I am certainly not qualified to do that and, honestly…when there are options like online coding classes available, it just makes sense to leave that sort of instruction to the professionals at Eureka Champs.

About Eureka Champs

Eureka Champs offers online coding classes for kids ages 6-10. Each online class lasts one hour and is taught by experienced teachers in a very small group setting of no more than 4 students! These weekly online coding classes currently utilize the popular & friendly Minecraft Education, Construct 3, and Tynker free learning platforms.

Because the coding class instruction is delivered in real-time through virtual Zoom classes, the Eureka Champs teachers are able to give kids the attention they need to truly learn how to code and design games while having fun in their class.

Matthew taking an online coding class for kids from Eureka Champs Review That Homeschool Family

Even better, choosing to enroll your kids in the Eureka Champs program will also benefit children in Ukraine! Eureka Champs was founded by a Canadian family with Ukrainian roots. Because they feel so strongly that every child is deserving of an education, $1 for every lesson sold will be donated to a Ukrainian organization that organizes online lessons for Ukrainian children who are deprived of schooling due to the war.

(sidenote: you could totally turn these philanthropic efforts into study and/or service project for Ukraine with your kids alongside their online coding classes!)

Why are Coding Classes for Kids Beneficial?

Wondering why should your kids even bother to take online coding classes? Maybe you’re curious to know how learning how to code could benefit your kids later in life? I got you!

Learning How to Code Encourages Creativity

When a child knows how to code, they’re able to create their own virtual play spaces! Imagine waking up one morning with an idea for a video game and then being able to turn that idea into a reality.

Just as some can turn a canvas into a beautiful work of art while others can turn a skein of yarn into a gorgeously crocheted blanket, learning to code both requires and encourages creativity!

Learning How to Code Encourages Communication

You may think your kids are already fabulous at communicating, but, hear me out…there is always room for improvement. Communication isn’t just the ability to speak with someone. It’s being able to have a successful conversation where all involved parties are sharing information back and forth.

Just as an example, I love to go shopping and often bring my boys along for shopping outings. They don’t always enjoy shopping, but I joke that I’m “preparing them to be good spouses” because I’ve encouraged them to be patient while shopping, to share their input (“Do you like this shirt or this shirt better?”), and praise them for being helpful by opening doors and carrying shopping bags.

Recently, my youngest was pretty cranky while shopping. He would complain about being bored. I got him a snack and encouraged both my kids to play “I Spy,” but reminded him that we had already spent the time getting to the mall, so it just didn’t make sense to leave without completing our goal. I had a one-day-only coupon and we needed to get the items we needed that day.

photo of the boys shopping that homeschool family - Edited
Proof of a successful shopping trip after some lessons in communicating!

Well, after the whining didn’t work, the wheels started turning. He had an “aha” moment and decided to try another way to get us to leave. Instead of complaining about shopping, he stood up straight, put a smile on his face, and said “Mommy, may we please go home soon?”

To which I happily responded “yes!” We left soon after and everyone was back to being their happy selves.

You see, just as there are different ways to use communication to achieve a goal with a person, there are different ways to achieve a goal with coding. If one line or sequence of coding, kids that know how to code will know that they need to figure out another solution. That that they need to figure out another way to communicate with the technology! So cool, right?

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Learning How to Code Sets Kids up for Future Success

A quick look around a typical modern home will prove that technology plays a major factor in our lives. Technology isn’t slowing down and will continue to be a major part of our lives for the foreseeable future. Providing online coding classes for kids can quite literally set them up for a successful future! Knowing how to code is a valuable skill that can transfer to a number of career industries including technology, health, education, and more.

Our Experience with Eureka Champs Coding Classes for Kids

Thanks to Eureka Champs’ Free Trial Class, my 8-year-old was able to try out one of their online coding classes for free before registering for a series of classes. Signing up for the trial class was super easy! To sign up for a free one hour coding class, I just had to go to the Eureka Champs website and choose, from a calendar, the date and time that would work best for our schedule.

Since our homeschooling schedule is a little hectic, I was worried that it would be difficult to find a good time, but Eureka Champs made that easy by having many options available. If you want to sign up for their free class, but don’t see a date or time that works with your schedule, feel free to contact Eureka Champs so they can work with you to find an appropriate time slot.

On the day of the trial class, I made sure my son’s laptop was all charged up and that he was sitting in a comfortable & quiet space. Since the online coding classes do take place through Zoom meetings, I also made sure to clean off the camera lens so his instructor could see him clearly. (a dirty camera lens is a pet peeve of mine).

Totally unprompted, he also decided to wear his favorite Minecraft sweatshirt for the class. How appropriate was that?!

online coding classes from Eureka Champs Review That Homeschool Family

We logged into the Zoom meeting a few minutes before our scheduled time and were promptly welcomed by his coding teacher. She introduced herself and asked his name. Then, before diving right into the activity, she actually took the time to learn a little bit about him.

You guys…my kids have taken quite a few online classes and it seems to be super rare that a teacher actually takes the time to form a bond with them. Having the Eureka Champs teacher put the effort into getting to know my child really makes them stand out from other online class providers in such a positive way.

After some “meeting and greeting,” the instructor asked if my son had ever played Minecraft (he certainly has!) and asked if he’d like to learn how to code within Minecraft (he did!). Since we don’t have the Minecraft Education version that’s used during the online coding classes, the instructor was able to control his computer and download it for him to use. He was amazed that someone else was able to control his computer from another part of the world!

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The class continued on and my son really enjoyed himself! Whenever he had any questions, he felt comfortable asking his instructor for help. If he looked like he was having trouble, the instructor also asked him if he needed help.

The entire hour went by in no time at all! My son really enjoyed himself and said that he’d love to take another Eureka Champs coding class soon.

Want to know another notable difference between our Eureka Champs experience and those with other companies? After the class was over, I did not feel like I was being harassed or forced into making a decision right then and there to continue classes. I did not receive phone calls from them in the days following the trial class and did not receive multiple emails suggesting I sign up soon.

Eureka Champs Sale Poster That Homeschool Family

Eureka Champs let me have my space after completing the free class and let me make my decision, in my own time, regarding continuing classes. This is just one reason why I have more respect for Eureka Champs than I do for other online coding class companies.

Oh, how I wish other companies would follow in their footsteps!

Give Online Coding Classes for Kids a Try!

Eureka Champs has a number of competitively priced coding class day/time options available, so it’s really a no-brainer to give their free trial a try! If, after trying out the free trial class, you and your child decide that continuing with Eureka Kids is a good idea, definitely take advantage of the special offer they have provided me to share with you!

New coding students can use the code First_Booking at checkout to score 20% off making their already reasonably priced online coding classes an even better deal.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to help you or contact Eureka Champs directly.

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

Elizabeth Dukart is a proud Georgia-based born and raised Jersey Girl, wife, and mom of 2 human boys & 1 canine boy.

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