How to watch movies on Amazon Prime for Free

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Saturday night is movie night in our home! Being able to figure out how to watch movies on Amazon Prime for free has really helped our family to save money we probably would’ve spent paying to stream movies or to purchase DVDs. In addition to our family tradition of movie night, my boys will often watch a movie or two each week while homeschooling or just for fun. So, how do we watch a lot of movies and don’t spend a lot doing so?

How have I figured out how to watch movies on Amazon Prime for free? When I tell you, you’re really not going to believe how easy it is! I promise, it’s super simple and, before long, you’ll be watching free movies on Amazon Prime, too! Here are two ways my family and I are able to stream a number of movies for free through Amazon Prime!

Get an Amazon Prime Account!

If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime Account, consider signing up for one! (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) In addition to free and fast shipping on tons of items, you’ll also get access to photo storage, music streaming, Prime Now grocery shopping, Prime Day shopping, digital books, access to Prime Video and more. The membership has really been a great value for our family.

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In regards to the Prime Video account, it works similar to any typical streaming service. Just login to your account and you’ll have access to tons of shows and movies that are automatically free with your Amazon Prime account. If you see the little “Prime” banner in the top left of the viewing option, then you can watch that selection for free with your account. There are thousands of free viewing options with an Amazon Prime account.

My family has really enjoyed watching their selections, but, sometimes…just sometimes…we want to watch a movie or show that is one of their paid options. The issue? We’d rather not pay for it! In the next section, I’ll tell you how we’re able to watch their premium (read: paid) options for free.

Choose to delay your Amazon Prime Shipping

If you have an Amazon Prime account, chances are that you really love their super quick shipping. I’m right there with you! I love being able to purchase an item and have it show up on my doorstep sometimes as fast as the same day it was ordered. Sometimes, though, my order isn’t needed immediately and I can stand to wait a few extra days for delivery.

image of amazon prime checkout delivery options and how to get a digital reward for delaying an order delivery
See that? Delay your delivery a bit and get rewarded!

When you are making a purchase on Amazon Prime and you are in the checkout section, you’ll see you may have a few options for shipping. Sometimes, you can pay a little extra for faster shipping if you can’t wait for the free shipping schedule. Sometimes, you can choose to delay your shipping in exchange for a reward for select digital items.

If you are ok with delaying your order for a short period of time (typically only a matter of days), do that! I have received anywhere from $1 – $2 each time I’ve opted to delay receiving my order. Currently, those rewards can be used towards the purchase select eBooks, digital music, videos, or apps. You know what we use them for?? You guessed it: videos!

Those $1-$2 rewards certainly add up and have been so helpful to my family. Because of those rewards, we’ve rented multiple movies that we otherwise would’ve paid at least $3.99 to rent/stream. I mean, we could’ve just gone without streaming those movies, but when you’re watching all of the Marvel Avengers movies in chronological order and some movies are ONLY available by rent, you gotta do what you gotta do!

There you have it! I hope learning these two ways how to watch movies on Amazon Prime for free can be beneficial to you and your family, too!

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