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homeschooling with education perfect review and free trial offer that homeschool family

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We all know there’s no such thing as the perfect online homeschool curriculum, but Education Perfect comes pretty darn close! Pun totally intended, if you’re looking for a way to enhance your child’s homeschool experience, Education Perfect could be a great fit!

In our time as a homeschooling family, we’ve tried our fair share of homeschool curriculum options.

When we first started, we tried our hand at a number of paper-based curriculums that seemed very much like public school. It’s what was comfortable for the kids and they actually requested paperwork. Before long, though, we realized that a homeschool day filled with 100% paper-based curriculum wasn’t for us.

It was exhausting. The preparation was overwhelming. The amount of paper we went through was incredible.

It’s ok, though. We all start somewhere and that’s how our homeschooling experience started. I’m willing to bet we’re not the only ones that homeschool differently than we did on Day 1.

After that, we decided to move onto more of a happy mix of paper-based and online curriculum. So far, it’s been a very nice balance. The kids get to work on their handwriting for a portion of the day and also get to take advantage of technology throughout their day.

Things have been going well, but, being that the boys have a number of interests other than seemingly standard school subjects, they have been wanting to broaden their horizons and learn more in areas that could be considered “extracurricular.”

This is where Education Perfect comes in!

What’s Education Perfect?

Why, I’m glad you asked! (humor me and just laugh at my attempt at a joke, m’kay?)

Created with kids ages 9-18 in mind, Education Perfect is an online platform that could be a great way to enhance or supplement your standard subjects with fun & interactive extracurricular lessons.

Created and launched by two brothers in 2007, Education Perfect is based out of New Zealand, but is completely appropriate for use throughout the world…and it is! Trusted by over 60,000 teachers, Education Perfect has helped to provide flexible curriculum options to over 1.2 million students!

In addition to providing curriculum, Education Perfect can also help to ensure your kids are actually understanding and learning the content through their diagnostic testing tools, monthly student competitions, and immediate feedback following lessons.

If you’re a numbers person, you should like this quick breakdown of this online middle school curriculum:

  • over 35,000 curriculum-assigned lessons are available
    • that should keep them learning for a while, huh?
  • over 10,000 learning videos are available
    • great for a variety of learning styles!
  • over 50,000 automatically marked questions
    • how’s that for instant gratification?
  • 24/7 Personal Support
homeschool with fun and engaging software, ages 9-18, 30 day free trial

Let’s Dive Deeper

What good is that description of Education Perfect going to be if I don’t share the nitty gritty?!

Available Subjects

Whether the kids want to expand their knowledge on a certain subject or want to branch out into a “new” subject, Education Perfect has something for everyone. Some of the subjects available on this platform are:

  • English
  • Science
  • Digital Technologies
  • Math
  • Music
  • Humanities
  • Geography
  • Health & Physical Education
  • Foreign Languages

Friendly Competition

My kids are of the competitive sort. If I want them to clean up their toys, they’ll usually only do so if I make it a timed competition. Or if I offer them money. (I usually make it a race because #mamasonabudget)

Within the Education Perfect platform, kids have the opportunity to participate in their “Dash” section where they can compete against other kids from all over the world! Even better? Education Perfect hosts monthly learning festivals & competitions where kids can earn certificates and chances to win prize money (they’ve got the attention of my boys!) based on their homeschooling efforts each month.

Easy Access

You know how kids are somehow able to access their favorite YouTube accounts wherever wifi is available? Well, online homeschool curriculums like Education Perfect are just as easy to access. Now, the kids really don’t have any excuses for not completing their lessons….muah ha ha ha ha! (I swear I’m a fun mom)

You name the device, you name the operating system…Education Perfect will work on it!

Having an online curriculum especially comes in handy when you like to travel like we do because it makes it super easy for the kids to stay on top of their lessons even while on the road…or in the sky!

When we travel, I like to borrow a mobile hot spot from our local library. It makes for easy wifi access wherever we are and, better yet…it’s free! It’s also one of my favorite tips for homeschooling while traveling.


I have a feeling you’ll really like this part. Education Perfect is competitively priced and even has opportunities for some savings!

Here’s what I would do if I were a new parent signing up for Education Perfect:

  1. Sign up for their Free Trial
    • includes 30 days of free access to the online platform including all subjects, all lessons, free chat support, and multiple learner accounts from the same family. Even better? No obligations.
  2. After the 30 days (let’s be honest, though…I usually know if curriculums are a winner or not before that trial period ends), decide if we want to stick with the platform or say “see ya later.” Let’s say we decide to go for it….
  3. Decide whether I want to sign up at the monthly rate or yearly. (Signing up for yearly basically gives the equivalent of 2 months for free!)
  4. Use the code save20 at checkout to save an extra 20% off before October 31, 2022 because, you know…that coupon code will disappear just as fast as your kid’s Halloween candy will disappear into your mouth after a night of trick-or-treating.
Pricing for Education Perfect online homeschool curriculum.

Simple, transparent pricing. Try us for free.

Access to all subjects for ages 9-18
35,000+ curriculum aligned lessons
24/7 support if you have questions
student and parent log-ins
siblings are included for free
cancel anytime

$25/month when paid monthly
cancel anytime
1 parent account
up to 5 learner accounts

prepaid for the year
1 parent account
up to 5 learner accounts

Our Experience

For as long as I can remember, my youngest (age 8) has been wanting to learn the German language. He was chatting about ancestry & genetics with my husband one day and found out that he is, indeed, part German.

You know what, though? I have no clue how to speak German. And, if I’m being completely honest, I have no desire to learn how to speak German.

Luckily, though, homeschooling parents have the option to outsource lessons. And thank goodness for that! Education Perfect totally came in to save the day with their German language lessons.

It was super easy to get my son all set up with his class. I just had to assign the lessons and tasks in my parent dashboard and, once that was complete, he could easily access the lessons on his end.

Sidenote: Education Perfect lessons can be accessed by kids/students through their Google Classroom, by logging into their Education Perfect account, or by clicking on a provided link. We use the link because that seems to be what works best for us.

Once he started his lessons, it was full speed ahead. Aside from some screen size discrepancies (all screens are different sizes so the content didn’t fit our screen perfectly – absolutely no worries!), he took to the new-to-him platform very quickly.

He was encouraged by the instant feedback, enjoyed watching the cartoon-style videos, and certainly appreciated being able to listen to the pronunciation of the words and phrases he was learning.

Even better? He was actually having fun! I’m so proud of him for taking on the task of learning a new language and he’s proud of himself!

I know the German language will keep him busy for quite a while, but it’s pretty cool knowing that Education Perfect has a number of other language available that he could learn afterwards if he’d like. At publishing time, the following languages are available (in addition to German) to learn through Education Perfect:

  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Russian

Pretty cool, right? If you have any questions about Education Perfect, feel free to leave a comment below or…better yet…book your own 15-minute platform demo and have the leaders of Education Perfect help you out!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)
That Homeschool Family in Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.

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