11 Funny Homeschool Shirts Mom will Love!

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When our family made the decision to start homeschooling, I knew I needed find some funny homeschool shirts to wear for our Facebook announcement. It’s not official until it’s Facebook official, right? Yep, I’m that mom. #sorrynotsorry

Anyways, when it came time to find a homeschool tshirt, I learned about the Homeschool Style Co. while attending an online homeschool event. Long story short, the owner of the Homeschool Style Co. is actually a mom from when I participated in the birth month baby boards from thebump.com (do they even still have those boards? I have no idea). I was more than happy to support a fellow homeschooling mama and purchased one of my first funny homeschool shirts shortly after!

Now, if you’re a homeschooling mama, you’re going to want some comfortable clothes that are durable, but still cute enough to wear while running errands or taking a homeschool field trip, right? You’re going to love the shirts from Homeschool Style Co.! I’m going to share a few of their funny homeschool shirts with you!


Busy Raising Weird Homeschoolers

I mean, if there ever was a perfect tee for homeschool moms…this is it. What even is normal anyways?? This fun homeschooling tee comes in the following options:

  • Unisex Tee: sizes XS through 3x in 2 different colors

Caution! Can Talk About Curriculum for Hours

It’s funny because it’s so so true. When you’re a homeschooling mom, you are always researching, using, and researching some more…curriculum. This shirt is available in the following options:

Homeschool Mom vs Normal Mom

Not to brag, but homeschool moms are pretty awesome! (disclaimer: non-homeschool moms are *just* as awesome!) This funny homeschool shirt is too cute and mom will love wearing it and letting the world know that she’s one of the coolest homeschool moms out there. This shirt is available in the following options:

  • Unisex Tee: sizes XSmall through 3x in 5 different colors
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Homeschool: Join the Resistance

I mean, it’s funny because it’s true! Any intergalactic adventure-loving mom would totally appreciate this tee! This homeschool item is available in the following options:


Introverted but willing to Discuss Curriculum

Introverted homeschool moms unite! Or don’t because…you know! This homeschool item is available in the following options:


World’s Okayest Homeschool Mom

I mean, you know you are the coolest, but gotta let everyone have their moment to shine, ya know? Show the world that you’re pretty darn awesome in this homeschool tee! This homeschool item is available in the following options:


Sponsored by Coffee

Gotta say that I feel the same. Learning activities start after this mama has finished her coffee! This homeschool tee is available in the following options:


Lesson Planner

Homeschool moms do it all and then some. And, then they help their friends to do the same! This homeschool item is available in the following options:


Not for the Weak

Homeschooling is not for the weak, am I right?! Show your strength to the world with this awesome homeschool shirt! This homeschool item is available in the following options:

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