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Free Math Games for your Homeschool Beast Academy Playground Review That Homeschool Family

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These free math games are sure to become a fan favorite in your homeschool days! If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to spice up your homeschool math lessons, keep reading because I’ve got a great (free!) resource to share with you!

It is so easy to get stuck in the rut that is math worksheets. I totally get it. They’re easy. Just print and go, math work for the kids is ready and done within seconds.

But…what if you could add a bit of excitement to the math portion of your homeschool day? An engaging activity that could really help to solidify those math skills? An educational activity that your kids actually look forward to? Enter: Beast Academy Playground. I’m telling you, it’s a game changer for making math fun and memorable for your kids.

Let’s chat a bit about why I’m loving this math resource so much, m’kay?

Free Math Games! Using Beast Academy Playground in your homeschool from That Homeschool Family with an image of a mother and two boys with a laptop open to the Beast Academy Playground website.

Quality Math Games for Kids Made Easy

Now, just to give a bit of background, my elementary-age boys actually do pretty well with math. My youngest calls himself “Mathematical Matthew” (such a cute kid, I’m telling you) and my oldest impresses me with his ability to solve math problems in his head. I count my lucky stars that they enjoy (and understand!) math.

So, when it comes to math, my boys are fans. They’d be happy doing solving math problems all day long, but…like you, I’m a busy parent! One reason I especially love the Beast Academy Playground site is that it’s EASY to find fun, interactive, hands-on games for the kids.

A mother and son playing "Pig," a free math game from Beast Academy Playground
Matthew loved the “Pig” game from Beast Academy Playground! He’s been working on adding up multiples, so it was the perfect way to blend practice and play.

It’s practically effortless to find appropriate, skill-building free math games for the kids ages 4-11 on the Beast Academy Playground website. You can easily filter through their available games by selecting options such as age and activity type. Not only that, but you also have access to details that homeschool parents and teachers especially appreciate: common core standards and classroom tips! If you live in a state that requires keeping track of common core standards, this feature is GOLD. Just click on the “for teachers” tab on your Beast Academy Playground screen and they’re all yours!

In addition, you can expand and really solidify the skills learned by asking your kiddos some of the discussion questions provided in the “for teachers” section of the games you choose.

As my kids would say, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy!”

Unplug with Offline Math Games

Like so many other kids these days, my boys are BIG into games. Whether it be video games, board games, made up games they play in the backyard…they’re down for a good time. I can’t blame them! I’m all about having fun and, when there’s an educational aspect to that fun, you can bet I’m game! (pun not intended…or was it?!)

With all the screen time my boys already get (some of it is educational, so I’m ok with that), I’m always happy to find a “new to me” educational resource that does NOT require a screen. While Beast Academy Playground is a website, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the activities they suggest don’t require a screen at all!

Once you peruse the website and decide on a game to play, you’ll be happy to know that all of the games are played with common household items. We’re talking paper, dice, markers, trashcans…like, “taking it back to the games we’d play in the 90s” kind of simple.

A young boy showing his "Sprouts" board game.
Sam especially loved playing the “Sprouts” game. It was so cool to see him do his best to outsmart me!

Time is valuable. I love that the Beast Academy Playground games are all pretty easy to set up and don’t require a ton of time. I would much rather spend quality time with my kids than setting up extensive games and I’m willing to bet you feel the same way.

One more thing before we finish up! If you have multiple children, you’ll be happy to know that these games can definitely be played without your physical participation. When I first started exploring the website with my kids, I’d play the game with them once or twice and then, once they got the hang of it, they were able to play with each other. Then, I just sat on the sidelines and considered their activity to be both a math and character education activity because they were taking turns and working out any issues between the two of them.

Ever since then, my kids have actually asked to play these free math games…even when we’ve considered our homeschool activities to be “done” for the day! Awesome, right?

An image of the "Circuit Breaker" game from Beast Academy Playground
We made this! The “Circuit Breaker” game was a great way to practice strategizing.

Bookmark it Now

While you’re thinking of it, go ahead and bookmark the Beast Academy Playground website now. “Star” it to your browser, add it to your homeschool Trello board, put it on your Google doc of homeschool resources. However you keep track of your favorite homeschool websites, go ahead and add it because you know you want to start adding it to your homeschool activities!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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