Five Family 2020 Christmas Ornaments that Sum up the Year Perfectly

5 family 2020 christmas ornaments that sum up 2020 perfectly text with toilet paper background

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Let’s just face it, this year is not AT ALL what any of us expected. Why should our 2020 Christmas ornaments reflect a normal year? We’ve been stuck at home. We’ve worn masks everywhere we’ve gone. Might as well get a Christmas ornament that accurately reflects this past year, right?

Now, I don’t know about your family, but it’s one of our Christmas traditions to purchase a new ornament for the tree each year. We’ll usually get one family ornament and then one ornament for each of the boys. The boys usually get an ornament that reflects one of their interests from the past year. For example, when my oldest was a baby, he got a Fisher Price Popcorn Popper Ornament for his second Christmas because he LOVED that loud lovely toy. By continuing the annual ornament tradition, we get to experience a walk down memory lane when we decorate the Christmas tree each year.

5 family christmas ornaments that sum up 2020 perfectly text with toilet paper background
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This year, we’ll definitely be ordering a 2020 Christmas ornament that reflects our experiences and, let me tell you, there are plenty to choose from! I’ve gone through Amazon and picked out a bunch of my favorite 2020 Christmas ornament options. I hope they make you laugh because we could all use a bit more humor in our lives about now, right?

Here are some of my favorite 2020 Christmas ornaments for families!

Every Family has a Quarantine Kit!

Masks? Check! Hand sanitizer? Check! Toilet paper? While it hasn’t always been easy to score toilet paper…check! These 2020 Christmas ornaments are too funny! Be sure to check details within each listing because some can be personalized by the seller, but some cannot. If if does not come personalized, you can use a Sharpie to do just that! BOTH of the options below come in options up to 7 family members. Just click on the family that best represents yours and you can select the total family members.

Time for a Family Hug!

In our family, we’re really only hugged each other since March, so this is pretty fitting for us! If this is the option you’d like, just click on the image. You’ll be able to select the numbers of family members you’d like to have represented on your 2020 Christmas ornament.

The Year we stayed Home

This option is currently only available for families of 5 or less, but things could always change! If you have a larger family, and love this design, give it a click and see if they’ve made your family total available.

Let’s Decorate the Tree!

Now, if you happen to have a dog or a cat, this ornament could be the best option for you! Currently available for families of 2-6, I LOVE that this ornament can be customized even further with a variety of cats & dogs! Click on the image to see all the choices and make your selections.

Looking for a Handmade 2020 Christmas Ornament?

After scouring Amazon for 2020 Christmas Ornaments, I cam across the storefront for Deb and Co Personalized Christmas Ornaments. With over 90 options, these handmade clay polymer could be an excellent option for those of you wanting something a bit more unique. Some of my favorites from Deb & Co. are Covid 19 Snowman Family of 4 w/Face Masks/Pandemic Personalized Ornament, Covid 19 Wreath with Toilet Paper Handmade Coronavirus Pandemic Quarantine Polymer Clay Personalized Ornament, and Covid 19 Stocking with Sanitizing Supplies Quarantine Coronavirus Polymer Clay Ornament.

One thing is for sure and it’s that this year has been a year like no other. We hope your family has stayed safe and healthy and can take this opportunity to enjoy quality family time together this holiday season!

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)

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