Every Kid Outdoors Pass Gives 4th Grade Students and Families FREE Admission to National Parks!

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Are you the homeschool parent of a 4th grader (or 4th grade equivalent)? When you sign them up for the Every Kid Outdoors program, you’ll be able to take advantage of FREE admission to the National Parks! Just imagine all the field trips and vacations this program could make possible!

I am all about saving money while exploring with my kids, so, when I found out about the Every Kid Outdoors program, you bet I signed up my son! It’s super easy to sign up, can result in some pretty nice savings for your family outings, and…of course…could result in some pretty amazing memories and learning opportunities for you and your kids.

Every Kid Outdoors Pass: What’s Included?

The Every Kid Outdoors Pass allows a 4th grader to take advantage of free admission to national parks. Even better? If visiting a site that charges fees per person, the pass will allow the 4th grader to bring up to three adults with them and ALL children (under the age of 16) that accompany them. If visiting a site that charges a fee per (non-commercial) vehicle, the pass will admit ALL of the passengers in the one vehicle.

Now, the pass doesn’t include fees such as parking, camping, boats, and special tours, but just saving the admission fee for the national park is reason enough to sign up for the Every Kid Outdoors pass asap.

How to get free admission to national parks from thathomeschoolfamily.com

How to get an Every Kid Outdoors Pass

It’s unbelievably simple to get your 4th grade student their free national parks pass. There are options for both parents/educators and students to sign up for the pass. Just answer a few questions on the website and you’re good to go!

Although I am a homeschooling parents and there’s a pretty good chance you are, too, if you know of any 4th grade teachers, definitely let them know about this free pass, too! Not only can homeschooling parents request a pass for their children, but 4th grade teachers can request passes for their entire class!

Using the Every Kid Outdoors Pass

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. After you, or your kids, sign up for the 4th grade national park pass, make sure to print it out! Despite seemingly most of the world going digital, if you want to take advantage of the free admission to national parks, you will need a physical copy of the pass. After signing up, definitely print the pass out to gain admission so you don’t end up embarrassed like me when you show up for your reservation!

If you ever get the chance to visit Fort McHenry in Baltimore, MD….definitely do! It was such an amazing and humbling experience!

Some locations will swap your paper parks pass for a plastic pass. This makes for an easy way to keep track of the pass and, after the August 31 expiration date, could be a nice keepsake, but not every national park location offers that perk.

When you’re ready to use the Every Kid Outdoors Pass, I totally suggest checking out their “Plan your Trip” website for ideas and to get any specific details for the national park you’re planning on visiting. Some parks do require reservations to be made in advance and checking that website will help to ensure that you’re all set for your trip!

We first used our Every Kid Outdoors Pass on our trip to Baltimore when we visited Fort McHenry.

There are over 60 national parks spread throughout the United States and all have the potential for a great homeschool field trip! Not only does the Every Kid Outdoors make for some budget-friendly homeschool travel, but there’s so much to see, do, and LEARN!

We absolutely love going on homeschool travel trips!

Have you taken your kids do a national park or do you have childhood memories of visiting a national park when you were a child? Share your experiences and any tips you might have in the comments!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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