10 Easy Snow Day Activities your Kids will Love

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It seems one of the 11 Easy Ways to Make it Snow actually worked?! Now that we actually have a snow day, you’re going to need some fun snow day activities to keep those kids busy and happy!

1. Play in the Snow

I know. This suggestion probably has you thinking “Duh. Of course we’ll play in the snow,” but it has to be included because it IS one way to keep kids busy on a snow day! Make sure they’ve used the bathroom and break out the snow gear to get ready for some fun in the snow. Want to level up on snow day fun? We bet the kids would love these snow toys!

2. Play Board Games

You know what I’m talking about. All those board games you’ve purchased with utopian thoughts of having family game nights when, in reality, everyone’s tired and cranky by the time game night comes and it’s easier to just watch a movie instead. Believe me, I’m right there with you (if you HAVE managed to make family game night happen, please tell me your secrets!). Dust off those board games, set them up and enjoy some cutthroat friendly competition with the kids.

3. Get Crafty

You’ve spent hours on Pinterest planning the perfect house, but now’s the time to use Pinterest to make some of those kid-friendly crafts you’ve pinned! If you’re not already, consider giving That Homeschool Family a follow over on Pinterest!

4. Try Some New Recipes

While you’re over on Pinterest, might as well find some new recipes the kids could help with. I mean, you’re stuck in the house and will need to eat, so….

5. Make Pillow & Blanket Forts

Using some good old imagination ought to do the trick! Build a fort to hide from pirates, build a castle for your princes and princesses, or (my boys would love this) build dog houses and pretend to be {housebroken} dogs! This is one of my favorite snow day activities!

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6. Watch a Movie

Pop some popcorn (we like ours with M&Ms!), close the curtains, and turn the living room into a movie theater. If things go well, you may even turn it into a double feature! We started watched the Marvel Avengers movies in chronological order one year – maybe you want to do the same?

7. Write some Snail Mail

You know how exciting it used to be to get a letter in the mail? Or a birthday card? I mean, you may STILL get them, but probably not as often since we tend to rely more on e-mail and the internet more. Write to a grandparent, write to a friend, write to a soldier and thank them for their service.

8. Color

Grab some of those long lost coloring books and crayons and have some old fashioned, screen free family fun. You might even consider making this a competition by posting photos of finished coloring pages on social media and having your friends vote?

9. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course

Now, this could just be the teacher in me, but I know my boys would LOVE to have an indoor obstacle course. Clear the room of anything sentimental and breakable (who am I kidding, we have kids…they’re all probably in storage for the next 10+ years) and let your inner ninjas out!

10. Have a Dance Party

You guys, my kids would do dance parties for.ever. Like, seriously. You could use your radio or Amazon Echo/Google Home, BUT I prefer to put YouTube up on the TV and play music videos for our dance parties. You will have to keep an eye on which videos pop up, but having the visual adds a whole ‘nother element to home dance parties.

*BONUS* 11. Let them be Bored

Yep. I said it. If the kids aren’t interested these snow day activities, just let them be bored. You know, it’s actually good for kids to be bored? It lets them get their imaginations going and gives them a chance to come up with ways to keep occupied on their own. Just keep an eye on them, but they may end up reading a book, playing with toys, or playing a board game on their own!

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)

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