How to Finally get your Board Games Organized

how to finally get your board games organized

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My family and I love playing board games together on family game night. I’m so glad I figured out a way to keep our board games organized since we got tired of playing Tetris when storing all of the different sized game boxes!

What I love about this board game organization solution is that it’s super cost effective, it won’t take a lot of time to complete, and it’s super easy to use and keep organized. To get started, you just need to make sure you have the following supplies:

  1. a good pair of scissors
  2. a roll of packing tape
  3. mesh document bags
  4. a container (we used cube storage bins)
  5. a Sharpie

Ok, once you have those ordered/located, I totally recommend taking some time to go through the board games you already have. If you have board games that are now too young for your kids to play, consider giving them to a friend or put them up for grabs in your local Buy Nothing Group. Unless they hold some sort of sentimental value, there’s really no reason to keep those games in your house so find them new homes.

As for the games that you and your family do still play with, take some time to go through and make sure they have all of the pieces necessary and, if needed, order replacements. Some common pieces needed replacing might be dice, pawns, or spinners. If you lost a timer, it’ll be easy enough to use a watch or your smart phone to keep time.

How to get the board games organized

Are you getting excited for family game night?! We are! Now that your board game organization supplies have arrived, let’s get down to business.

First, you want to get yourself ready for getting the board games organized. Sit yourself (and your supplies) down at a table or have a hard surface accessible. My husband has been using our kitchen table as his “work from home” area recently, so I sat down on the floor of my office to complete this task. (getting up from the floor, though? oof!). Set all of your supplies out so that you’ll have everything nearby when you need it.

Once you’re settled, you’re ready to get the first of your board games organized! Take your scissors and cut the name of the game out of the game box. If you’re dealing with a 2-piece box, I find it easiest to cut the name from the side. If you’re organizing a board game that has a box with a flap, I like to cut the name off of the flap. But, you do whatever floats your boat.

Once you have the board game name cut out, lay one of the mesh document bags down flat on your surface. Using your packing tape, adhere the board game name cut out onto the bag. I like to put mine centered on the bag and find that using two pieces of tape, laid horizontally, worked perfectly. Be sure to press that tape onto the mesh document bag, all around the board game name, to make sure it’s on there nice and tight.

text how to organize board games with image of a stack of board games next to a bin of board games stored in a bag
PIN for later!

Next, you’re going to take the board game “guts” out of the box. You probably don’t need the cardboard filler pieces or the plastic organizing trays, so set them aside to put in the trash/recycling later on. Put all the game pieces, and the instructions, inside the bag and zip it right up! If your board game has an actual board, but it doesn’t fit inside the bag, write the name of the game on the outside with a Sharpie.

At this point, you’re pretty much set! When you’re all done getting your board games organized in the mesh document bags, put them into your storage container. If you do have a board for your game, but it doesn’t fit inside the bags, just place it behind the bag with all the game pieces for easy accessibility. I find that using the cube storage bins are the perfect size for storing the document bags. This makes the most sense for us since we use the cube organizers for storage, too, but please use whatever works best for your family.

Easy Peasy!

Does it feel awesome to have all the board games organized? Don’t you love how using the document bags to organize the games takes up WAY less space than keeping the games inside the boxes?! Go you for saving space and making activities for family game night easier to access!

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)

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