10 of the Best Snow Toys for Kids

10 of the best snow toys for kids text on a snow background

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10 of the best snow toys for kids text on a snow background
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Anticipating some snowfall in your area? Going on a winter vacation and want to keep the little ones busy with some of the best snow toys for kids? You’re in the right place! Growing up on the east coast, I’ve experienced some pretty memorable snowy winters (blizzard of ’96 anyone?) and, let me just say, the snow toys that are available these days are toys that I would’ve BEGGED for when I was growing up.

Throwing snowballs and making snow angels is fun, don’t get me wrong. But, if you’re going to spend upwards of 30 minutes getting the kids ready to play in the snow, you’ve to to make it worth your while, right? Don’t worry about spending a ton of time looking through Amazon, just check this list for some of the best snow toys for kids on the market. As a veteran special education teacher and now homeschooling mom, I love getting toys for my kids that are both educational and fun so, rest assured, each and every one of these toys has some sort of educational aspect to it!

1. Sno Brick Maker

I wanted one of these Sno Brick Makers SO bad when I was growing up! I spent way too much time imagining the giant snowdomes, fortresses, and walls I’d make when I’d get a Sno Brick Maker in my posession. The building possibilities are endless really! Now, my two boys each have a Sno Brick Maker and, when they’re not using it in the winter with snow, they’re using it in their sandbox (or at the beach!) with sand! Gotta love a reasonably priced double duty toy, right?

2. Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit

You could spend time going through baskets of family snow supplies, but, really, do you want to use one of your perfectly good scarves to decorate a new frosty friend? Um, no. Enter the Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit. One of the ultimate snow toys for kids, this 16-piece kit comes with everyone the kids will need to make their own Frosty practically come to life! If you want to get even more life out of it, I won’t tell anyone that you’re thinking of using it to decorate next year’s “no-cutting-required” jack-o-lantern. It’ll be our little secret.

3. Snowwoman Decorating Kit

Did you know there were snowwoman kits?! I didn’t either! Yes, please to the Lady Snowwoman Kit! This 10-piece set comes complete with fancy eyelashes in red glasses, smiling red lips, a pink hat, a pink scarf, three red buttons, and a carrot nose. I am legit super excited to have found this set. Who says all snow people need to be men? Let the kids build a few snowwomen in your yard and maybe even a complete snow family. Love it!

4. Snowball Maker

Having a snowball fight is pretty much the epitome of a classic snow activity, right? Snowball fights are featured in numerous winter movies and, when there’s a fresh snowfall, you can’t help but bend down to craft your very own snowball. You know what, though? Making a bunch of snowballs can take some time and, when you’re in the middle of an intense snowball battle, time is of the essence. The kids will love having their very own snowball maker. Having a snowball maker will make it super easy to build up a supply of snowballs in no time at all! Plus, we love that this set comes with three snowball makers so, if you have up to 3 kids, each child can have one!

5. Penguin SNO-Buddy

I mean, isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? The Penguin SNO-Buddy will let the kids make their very own 11-inch tall snow penguins. Maybe they’ll form snow penguins to guard the outside of their snowdome? Maybe they’ll form 10 snow penguins for a game of snow penguin bowling? Maybe they’ll edge your driveway with snow penguins? Time will only tell, but I can tell you right now that seeing some snow penguins outside my window on a snowy day would totally bring a smile to my face.

6. The Big Dig Sandbox Excavator

Yes, I know it says “sandbox,” but, remember when I said the Sno Brick Maker could be used with sand, too? Sand toys and snow toys are pretty much interchangeable, so I would TOTALLY encourage my kids to excavate snow to their heart’s content with this Big Dig Sandbox Excavator. Set them up in an area to dig and, once that area is complete, turn the digger around and excavate the pile they just made. Wash, rinse, repeat. You’re welcome.

7. Snow Shovel

Another of the classic snow toys for kids, my boys love nothing more than helping my husband shovel snow with their very own shovels. I, of course, sit inside with a hot cup of coffee while this is all happening. This Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel is a bit higher priced than most kids shovels on Amazon, but it comes with many positive reviews. I hate when I buy something and it breaks after one use, don’t you? Since this shovel advertises as being perfect for ages 3-12, I feel like it’s worth it to spend a little more for something that’ll last through the years.

7. Snow Saucer Sleds

If you don’t have a sledding hill in your yard, I’m betting there’s one closeby for the kids. They’ll probably beg you to let them go sledding and, since you’re an awesome mom, not only will you say “yes,” but you are already prepared with Flexible Flyer Snow Saucer Sleds! I love these sleds because, not only are they reasonably priced, but they’re durable, they’re lightweight, and they come in a pack of three. Since the handles are molded onto the plastic, you won’t have to worry about rope handles breaking, so these sleds are ready to use right out of the box.

8. Snowshoes

To start any proper winter adventure on the right foot (get it, foot?!), the kids could benefit from a pair of their very own MSR Tyker Kids’ Snowshoes. Currently available in both “dinosaur green” and “purple power,” these snowshoes have great reviews, can carry a 90-pound load (read: child), and can fit a variety of sizes which means the kids should be able to get a few years use out of these snowshoes. Can’t you just picture the kids wearing these snowshoes, pretending they’re trekking Mount Everest in a search for the elusive Yeti? So much fun!

9. Unicorn Snow Tube

Did you know that unicorns like the cold weather? It’s news to me, too, but gosh darn it, those unicorns deserve to have fun, too! Your child will love taking their unicorn snow tube for a ride down a snow-covered hill. I love that the unicorn on this snow tube is even wearing a ski mask – too funny! Kids not into unicorns? This item listing currently has the following options as well: flamingo, penguin, ice dragon, and polar bear.

10. Sno Art Kit

If there’s anything more fun than playing in the white snow, it’s playing in colored show, amiright? This Sno-Art Kit comes complete with three different packets of color (just mix with water), three sno-marker water bottles, and 2 snow molds (that could totally be used with sand in the warmer weather, too!). The kids will love decorating their snow creations with color, playing tic-tac-toe in the snow, writing messages in the snow and more!

How’d you like that list of snow toys for kids? Theses are some of the best we could find and we hope your kids make so many memories playing with these toys. For even more fun in the snow, check out these 10 easy snow day activities your kids will love!

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