10 of the Best Dog Products I’ve Bought So Far

10 of the best dog products I've bought so far

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Mom and young boys with newly adopted 5 year old black lab dog.

Since we adopted our very first family dog this year, I’ve had a chance to discover some of the best dog products out there. I’ve spent a ton of time researching purchases for our new pup, so I’m happy to help save you a bit of time and energy by sharing some of our favorite dog products we’ve purchased so far.

Now, our pup, Cole, is a 5-year-old Black Lab mix (we think – one day, we’re hoping to do a dog DNA test for him), so you won’t see many items on here for new puppies. Cole came to us housebroken and knowing a few commands, so you won’t be seeing recommendations for training items or things like puppy toys or training supplies. Many of the items can be used for both puppies and more mature dogs, though. Everything listed can be purchased online, but, since I do like to go shopping (and you might, too!), I’m betting quite a few items could be find in your local brick and mortar pet shops, too.

If you ever want to share pics of your own furbabies or have some dog products you’ve loved and would like to recommend to us, please send us an email!

10 of the Best Dog Products I’ve Bought So Far…

1. LED Dog Collar

This collar has been worth it’s weight in gold for us! It gives me piece of mind and, if I’m being totally honest, it’s provided us with many laughs. It’s so funny to watch the dog/light travel through the backyard!

Since our dog is black, without the LED Dog Collar, it can be super hard to see him outside at night. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume it’s just as hard to see a light-colored dog in the dark, too! They just blend in with the night, right?!

To use this LED Dog Collar, you just plug it into a USB cord to charge and trim the collar to length. There are three light modes (2 flashing and 1 solid light) you can choose by pressing a button. In our experience, the battery charge lasts about a month when the color is used once a day for 10 minutes tops.

Our dog’s collar is red as pictured, but there are other colors to choose from as well.

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2. Deodorizing Spray

If you’re still considering adopting a dog, don’t let this deodorizing spray suggestion deter you. This deodorizing spray has been one of my more recent purchases and it’s helped a ton!

Definitely not an alternative to bathing, but I use this spray to help freshen up our pup in between baths since too many baths can irritate their skin. When our pup is a little stinky, and it’s not yet time for a full-blown bath, I’ll give his coat a spritz or two of this deodorizing pet spray. A little bit goes a long way and the scent is light enough to make a positive difference.

I chose this particular dog product because I appreciate that it’s made from naturally-derived ingredients.

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3. Natural Paw Butter

Since we live in New Jersey, winters can be icy and cold…not great for doggy paws!

This Natural Paw Butter from Pet Head is pretty easy to use. The first couple times I put it on my dog’s paws, he was a little hesitant, but it soon became a part of his routine and he knows what to expect.

The Paw Butter is a solid consistency that will warm up with the heat from your body. I’ll put my swipe my fingers back and forth in the jar and, once I’ve got some of the paw butter on my fingers, will apply it to the paw pads of our pup. Like the deodorizer spray, a little bit goes a long way, so you won’t need to use a lot at once.

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4. Vittles Vault

If you ask me, the Vittles Vaults are a must for every pet owner and one of the BEST dog products out there. Quality dog food is not cheap and we want it to be fresh and last as long as possible, right?

The Vittles Vault was one of the first items I purchased when we got our pup! It’s air tight, the lid is easy enough for the kids to open (because…duh…it’s their job to feed to dog!), and I appreciate that the container is opaque and a neutral color. I feel like having a see-through dog container could drive my dog crazy since we keep the container in the kitchen, you know? Oh, and it comes with a handy scoop!

I would definitely suggest buying a larger size than you think you’ll need, though. We buy our dog 28 pound bags of food and this 35 pound Vittles Vault fits it all perfectly.

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5. Dog Crate

10 best dog products I've bought so far by The Well Prepared Mom

When we’re leaving our pup at home for more than 30 minutes, we’ll have him go in his crate. Crating needs will vary between pets, but having a crate for our dog has been one of the best purchases we’ve made.

We have the design pictured, but there are options for double doors and such, too, so it’s worth taking a bit of time to look around and see what would work best for you and your pup.

This one is super easy to put up and down, and doesn’t take up much room when it’s not in use.

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6. Dog Crate Water Bowl

When I first bought the dog crate for our pup, I just used a regular dog bowl in the crate, but soon realized that wasn’t the best choice. Our pup would put his blanket INTO the bowl or would somehow knock the water bowl over. Ugh!

This Snap’y Fit Water Bowl has been a WONDERFUL addition to the dog crate and is certainly one of the best dog products we’ve purchased! It attaches easily to the side of the crate in a matter of minutes and will let your pup be able to use the entire crate to spread out and get comfy. If your pup is a chewer, the stainless steel bowl should last longer than other plastic options available. I also like that the bowl is dishwasher safe.

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7. Shark Vacuum

Now, I don’t have this EXACT vacuum (mine is same model, but a few years old at this point), but Shark vacuums have been AMAZING for my family.

Our first Shark vacuum lasted over 10 years for our family, so, when we needed a new vacuum, I bought another Shark. I chose the pet-specific model because, in my mind, it would be more powerful than the “regular” models and I knew that I would be able to convince my husband to get a dog sooner rather than later 😂

Being (assumed) part lab, our pup sheds A LOT. I’m very thankful that he’s black because his fur matches my black leggings very well 😉 Really, though, this vacuum sucks up dog hair like there’s no tomorrow and has been one of the best dog products we’ve owned!

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8. Nylabone

Now, our pup isn’t a “destroy everything in his path” type of dog, but he does like to chew from time to time. While his stuffed toys are cute, Nylabones are some of the only “toys” that have lasted for him.

This Nylabone is super durable, but still soft enough to be able to leave a mark when a fingernail is pressed into it (a tip we learned from our vet! If you cannot leave a mark by pressing a fingernail into a toy, it’s too hard and could actually be dangerous for your pup). Our pup loves the beef jerky flavor and I love that the little nubs on the bone can help to keep his teeth clean.

This Nylabone can be purchased in a variety of sizes, making it easy to get the right sized bone for your dog. Since we live in NJ, their cheesesteak flavor is next on my “to buy” list!

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9. Dog Bed

This dog bed was the first one I purchased for our dog and, believe it or not, it’s still in one piece! This dog bed does NOT have a lot of support, but we’ve used it every day since it arrived.

This dog bed, available it multiple sizes and colors, has been perfect for allowing our dog to sit on the sofa with us. He’s learned that, as long as his bed is on the sofa, he can sit on the sofa with us.

This bed washes easily (we use the washing machine to clean and then hang dry) and we love that it comes in neutral colors to match every decor. It’s super soft, too! Definitely one of the best dog products we’ve gotten for our pup!

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10. Shedding Blade

I’m kind of cheating with this one since I didn’t actually purchase this tool, but I received it as a “give” in my local buy nothing group, but I have this exact tool and it is *fabulous.*

As I mentioned before, we believe our dog is part lab and, with this breed, comes lots of shedding! This tool has been super useful in clearing out his coat in between seasons. It’s super easy to use and the hair comes off of the tool easily.

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Did we miss any items you would consider to be some of the best dog products out there? Email me to let me know or leave a comment below – I’m always looking for more awesome dog supplies for my (way too spoiled) pup!

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)

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