Back to School Snacks with Monster Pop Popcorn!

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If you’re looking for a simple and delicious snacking option for your kids during their homeschool days, you gotta check out Monster Pop Popcorn!

As a mom of two elementary-age boys, I have bought PLENTY of snack foods. While they seem to lose interest in some snacks pretty quickly, popcorn is one of the snacks they absolutely love. Trouble is, so many popcorn options are either filled with artificial ingredients & are super salty or are only able to be eaten after time spent in the microwave. We tend to be an “on-the-go” family, so I can’t always microwave popcorn (and who really wants to eat popcorn hours after it’s been microwaved? #nothankyou). We also try to eat a low salt diet and consume foods that are free of artificial ingredients as much as possible.

With that being said…drum roll, please…Monster Pop Popcorn is now one of our go-to snacks and could be a great snack for so many families!

back to school snacks with monster pop popcorn text with images of popcorn spilled on top of paper and two children reading books while snacking on popcorn from That Homeschool Family article written by Elizabeth Dukart

We’re loving Monster Pop Popcorn because…

I can trust the ingredients!

No need to worry about artificial coloring, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, GMOs, or strange ingredients that you cannot pronounce because Monster Pop Popcorn only includes real and simple ingredients. As parents, we lead busy lives. We have more than enough to worry about already and I totally appreciate being able to give my kids a snack that has ingredients I can trust. One less thing for us to worry about, you know?

We received both their Big-Time Butter flavor and their Cheeseriffic Cheese flavors to try. Their butter flavor only contains 4 (!!!) ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil, clarified butter, and sea salt. Easy peasy. Snack foods certainly do not have to be complicated to enjoy, right?!

image of two elementary age boys reading books on a bed while eating Monster Pop Popcorn from the article Back to School Snacks with Monster Pop Popcorn from That Homeschool Family written by Elizabeth Dukart
Monster Pop popcorn doesn’t make fingers greasy, so it’s a great snack to enjoy while reading!

Since my husband needs to watch his salt intake due to a high blood pressure diagnosis, we, as a family, also try to eat low-salt foods and snacks when possible. One .5oz bag of Monster Pop’s Big Time Butter Popcorn is only 5% of the daily recommended salt intake, so it’s a snack that my entire family can enjoy!

Also worth noting: Monster Pop Popcorn is Kosher and Gluten-Free, making this an excellent option as a snack to send in for class parties, picnics, sports practices, and more.

7 year old boy eating Monster Pop Popcorn while playing with Legos in the article Back to School Snacks with Monster Pop Popcorn from That Homeschool Family written by Elizabeth Dukart
Brain breaks are even more delicious when there’s popcorn!

It’s portable!

Depending on the flavor you choose, Monster Pop Popcorn is currently available in up to three different sizes.

Their .5oz bags of butter-flavored popcorn are perfect for snacking during an after-school sports break, bringing to a homeschool playground get-together (our favorite), or even for a quick snack in between lessons at school or home.

Their 4.75oz (butter) and 6oz (cheese) bags are great for sharing among multiple children (and adults!) while watching a movie together, at birthday parties, sports games and more. You could even use the bigger bag to pack individual snack portions in reusable containers.

9 year old boy eating Monster Pop popcorn while sitting on a swing in the article Back to School Snacks with Monster Pop Popcorn from That Homeschool Family written by Elizabeth Dukart
Perfect for on-the-go snacking before swinging on the playground!

The price is nice!

Available for purchase through the Monster Pop website, pricing is comparable to snacks I’d typically purchase for my boys. Orders of $25+ come with free shipping (yeah!!) and, until October 31, 2021, you can score 25% off of any product from with the promo code MOMSMEET25.

I love when I can purchase products direct from the company because that means more of my $$ goes to the company instead of paying a “middleman store,” you know?

Text: Use code MOMSMEET25 to get 25% off your order from (code expires October 31, 2021) with image of spilled popcorn

Happy snacking and have a great school year!

Until next time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your family,

Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog)
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