10 of the Best Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

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Getting ready for Christmas, I see? While you’re planning for all the gifts, make sure you don’t forget about stocking stuffers for toddlers! For some reason, I always do really well picking out all the big gifts and, then, a few days before Christmas, I realize “oh shoot! I forgot the stockings!” Let’s avoid that this year, m’kay?

Christmas with a toddler can be pretty magical. While my boys are elementary age now, I remember they first started really enjoying Christmas when they were around 2 or 3 years old. If you thought you enjoyed Christmas before, you’re going to love it even more once you experience it with your toddler!

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff: ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers. As a former teacher, I really love when I can give my kids toys that have some sort of educational aspect to them, so you’ll see a lot of those options in this list. I’ll link each and every item for you so you can get your stocking stuffer shopping done faster than Santa says “ho, ho, ho!” Even better? All of these suggestions are from Amazon, so you can rest assured that items will be delivered quickly! (Don’t have an Amazon Prime account? Grab a free 30-day trial.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

1. Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Pads

Three pack of Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Pads

When I say my kids love these Melissa & Doug Water Wow Activity Pads, I mean they LOVE them! Even as elementary-age kids, they still play with these. Kids simply paint the images inside the activity pad with the included refillable water brush. Colors magically appear when painted with water and then, when the water dries, the pages go back to black and white coloring-book style images that can be painted over and over again. These are a staple during our travels and have even been to Walt Disney World in an effort to cure any boredom while standing in lines. There are multiple themes available, so check all of them out and then make your decision.

2. Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope

Did you know the Schylling company has been making tin kaleidoscopes since the early 1800s? It’s no wonder – they’re such a simple toy and kids love them! My boys have this and still, at elementary ages, play with it. Your toddler will love gazing into the view finder to see the various patterns and designs the colorful beads are always creating! Plus, the Schylling Classic Tin Kaleidoscope fits perfectly in a stocking, so…it’s a no brainer!

3. Boon Building Bath Pipes

Boon Building Bath Pipes

Bath time is going to be 100% more fun when these pipes are included! Set of 5 bath pipes suction to the bath tub wall and encourage your toddler to experience cause and effect, gravity, and more by pouring water into the pipes. I’m always game for more bath toys, but would especially love these because they’re small enough to not take up much space yet still big enough to clean thoroughly. The last thing we need is moldy bath toys, right? These Boon Building Bath Pipes can be hand washed in warm soapy water and then air dried.

4. Crayola Washable Palm Grasp Crayons

Crayola Washable Palm Grasp Crayons

In our house, Crayola is the preferred Crayon brand. It may be the same in your home! We know we can trust Crayola to provide a quality product and what better way to introduce little hands to crayons than to fill their stocking with Palm-Grasp Crayons. They’ll get to work on their motor skills, color recognition, eye hand coordination and more when they’re coloring! Even if it just looks like scribbles when they’re young, let them color to their hearts content! It’s still learning and these Crayola Washable Palm Grasp Crayons would be a great stocking stuffer idea for a toddler!

5. Sarah’s Silks – Rainbow Silk Streamer

Sarah's Silks - Rainbow Silk Streamer

So much imaginative fun with this! Perfect for working on motor skills and for sensory play, toddlers could also learn about primary and secondary colors with this silk streamer. It’s such a simple gift, but so pretty to look it. This particular silk streamer is hand-dyed and attached to a Baltic wood handle. Wouldn’t this Rainbow Silk Streamer be fun in a stocking with just a little bit of the silk coming out of the stocking?

6. Poppin’ Pipes

Set of 4 sensory poppin' pipes

When I was a teacher, I always made sure to get a set of these for my classroom. They’re fun to play with and wiggle around, make popping sounds and have a ton of opportunities for imaginative play. They will fit perfectly in a toddler’s stocking and have the added bonus of being a great sensory play toy! This 4-pack of Poppin Pipes is a great option for stocking stuffers for toddlers!

7. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Hellow Oral Care set of 2 toothpaste and 1 toothbrush

I know it’s not a toy, but hear me out, it’s still one of my top stocking stuffers for toddlers. If your toddler hasn’t started brushing their teeth yet, now’s the time to get started. It’s not always the most fun task to tackle, but it’s necessary and maybe it would be more fun if your toddler was practicing dental hygiene with the toothbrush and toothpaste they got from Santa? Worth a shot! I chose this Hello Oral Care set because it’s what I would choose for my kids if they were still toddlers. This set include 2 tubes of their fluoride free watermelon toothpaste and a cute toothbrush featuring a chubby “perfect for little fingers” handle.

8. Liquid Motion Bubbler

set of four liquid motion bubblers with various colors

Did you have one of these when you were little, too? Oh my gosh, they could hold my attention forever when I was little. Just watching the little bits of colored oil drip drip drip through the water. It’s amazing. It’s one of my top stocking suffers for toddlers and for good reason – it’ll keep their attention, they’re pretty durable, and they’re great for encouraging calming feelings. I love that this Liquid Motion Bubbler comes in a pack of 4 because other people will definitely want one, too!

9. WikkiStix

three sets of WikkiStix - primary pack, neon pack, and nature pack

My grandparents had a set of WikkiStix in their home and I have such fond memories of playing with it! It’s such a simple toy – yarn covered with wax – but it has so much potential! Little fingers can manipulate the “stix” to create figures, shapes, whatever their little hearts desire, really. One of my favorite parts? It can be played with over and over and over again. This set of WikkiStix is one of my favorite stocking stuffers for toddlers. It comes with a set of primary, neon, and nature colors for plenty of creating possibilities.

10. Play-Doh

Play-Doh Party bag with 15 mini containers of dough

Don’t hate me, but I LOVE Play-Doh. I love the way it smells, the way it feels…it’s such a fun toy! This set of 15 mini-cans of Play-Doh would be great for stocking stuffers for toddlers because the cans are small and there’s plenty of colors to chose from. If you have multiple children, you could even split the pack among all of them! For easy cleanup, just have the kids play with it on the floor (tile or wood works best!) on top of a vinyl tablecloth. When they’re done, just clean up the accessories and Play-Doh, shake the tablecloth in the trashcan, and fold it up for the next time! I do this with my kids and it works well!

There you go! I hope these suggestions for stocking stuffers for toddlers has been helpful! It’s kind of nice to purchase some gifts without having to worry about purchasing batteries as well, huh?

I hope you and your family enjoy a magical holiday and make so many memories together! If you’re open to starting a new family tradition that the kids will love and will save YOU time and effort, check out this article about our wrapping paper Christmas tradition!

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