5 FREE Scavenger Hunts for Kids that will make any Outing Educational

5 free scavenger hunts for kids that will make any outing educational

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Heading out of the house and want to make your outing educational? We gotchu! We have 5 FREE scavenger hunts for kids that will make ANY outing educational. What? Huh? How can that be? Hang tight – let’s chat a bit about why we love scavenger hunts for kids, how to use these scavenger hunts for kids, and…last, but certainly not least, how to get your five free fifty free (our favorite price) scavenger hunts for kids!

Why Scavenger Hunts?

Why scavenger hunts for kids? Why not just let them look out the window while the car’s driving? I mean, I’m not opposed to just taking in the sights, but, if you have a child that wants to learn and wants, or needs, something to occupy their mind, might as well take advantage of that, right?

When I was a teacher, my students would do scavenger hunts all the time! We’d do scavenger hunts around the school buildings, scavenger hunts while on field trips…we’d even do them just around the classroom! Why? Scavenger hunts are fun! They helped my students to become more aware of their surroundings and even encouraged some friendly competition. I also love that scavenger hunts know NO age. Really. These scavenger hunts can be used for ANY AGE.

Now that I’m a homeschooling mom, I do scavenger hunts with my boys all the time, too! We certainly do have, and enjoy, some down time while out and about, but, if they’re interested in doing a scavenger hunt, I’m going to take that opportunity.

How to use these Scavenger Hunts for Kids

With this set of scavenger hunts for kids, I’ve included 5 different options that can be used to turn pretty much any outing into an educational experience. I’m all about flexibility and keeping things simple, so I love that these scavenger hunts can be used often and in a variety of situations. I totally recommend printing out a copy or two of each scavenger hunt to have on hand when the opportunity arises.

I can’t even tell you how helpful it is to have clipboards when completing a scavenger hunt! Along with the writing utensils of your choice, set a few aside to use for scavenger hunts. There are plenty of options from standard brown fiberboard to colored plastics. (pro-tip – might want to get various colors in case you have multiple kids!)

Here are the 5 types of scavenger hunts included in the freebie and a few suggestions for how to use each:

5 educational scavenger hunts for kids get the free printable here!
  1. Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
    • find items that start with each letter of the alphabet
    • find words on billboards or signs that start or end with each letter of the alphabet
    • find food products in the grocery store that start with each letter of the alphabet
    • find clothing brands in a department store that start with each letter of the alphabet
    • find authors in a bookstore or library with names starting or ending with each letter of the alphabet
  2. Color Scavenger Hunt
    • find fruits or vegetables of every color
    • find pieces of clothing in every color
    • find animals in a pet store or zoo in every color
    • find cars of every color while on a road trip
    • find parts of nature in every color while taking a walk
  3. Number Scavenger Hunt
    • find items in certain quantities
    • find numbers on billboards, in tv commercials, movies, etc.
    • find items with prices starting in each number
    • find groups of people or items in each quantity while on an outing
    • listen to songs to discover lyrics with numbers in them
  4. Shape Scavenger Hunt
    • find certain shapes in works of art at a museum
    • find items at stores with shapes on packaging
    • find certain shapes of bumper stickers on cars while on a road trip
    • find shapes around your home
    • find items in nature that resemble shapes
  5. Texture Scavenger Hunt
    • find various textures of clothing in a store
    • find animals of various textures
    • find textures on items around the home or in the yard
    • find different textures in a restaurant
    • find textures while at the beach or on a hike in the woods

How to get the 5 FREE Scavenger Hunts for Kids

It’s super easy to get your set of 5 free scavenger hunts for kids. Just fill out the form below and you’ll get the PDF file sent right to your email!

Really, it’s as easy as that.


As with all of our educational resources and activities, we always welcome your feedback and love to see how they’re used! Feel free to email with any feedback, tips, or such and tag That Homeschool Family when you share photos to Facebook or Inatagram!

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Stay safe and enjoy time spent with your family!

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