19 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Tourism Day with Kids

19 fun ways to celebrate National Tourism Day with kids

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Planning on celebrating National Tourism Day with the kids this year and looking for some fun activities? We can help! Our list of 19 ways to celebrate National Tourism Day, on May 7, with your family should make for a fabulous day of discovery and travel!

Now, before we get to the list, one way we celebrate National Tourism Day on May 7, and every other national day throughout the year during our homeschool day, is to do a quick writing prompt! Depending on the day, a quick National Day writing prompt will take my boys no more than 10 minutes to do and serves as a fun way to chat about the national day theme for the day! Whether you’re homeschooling your kids, teaching elementary-level students, or just looking for a fun way to get them writing, you should totally check out our National Day writing prompts for May and every month of the year!

Ok, ready for some fun ways to celebrate National Tourism Day with kids this year? We’ve got plenty of ideas for you! Since National Tourism Day is meant to celebrate travel, you’ll notice our suggestions are all somehow related to planning for traveling, going on a day trip, or going on an extended vacation!

19 fun ways to celebrate National Tourism Day with kids on May 7!

19 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Tourism Day with Kids on May 7!

  1. Visit the tourism website for your town, county, and/or state! You might learn a thing or two about where you live and come up with new options for local family fun!
  2. Make a family travel bucket list.
  3. Go through digital photos from previous vacations and choose a few to print out and display around your home!
  4. Start a travel fun! Decorate and designate a container to put loose change in – whatever is collected after a year can go towards a trip!
  5. Plan a day trip to a place you’ve never visited before! Set a time or distance limit and enjoy some fun with the family!
  6. Celebrate National Tourism Day by making some DIY luggage tags.
  7. Grab our free printable scavenger hunts and head out for a drive or walk around town!
  8. Watch a movie about travel!
  9. Travel to a different county via your taste buds! We’ve been getting Universal Yums boxes every month for a while now and have been loving a monthly tasty adventure!
  10. Gas up the car and start driving! See where the road takes you on a tank of gas!
  11. Get in the kitchen and make a recipe from another place in the world. If you want to “travel” to Walt Disney World, we’ve been loving this Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook!
  12. Visit a local restaurant specializing in cuisine from another part of the world.
  13. Visit a local restaurant specializing in local cuisine! Living in South Jersey, we love going out to get cheesesteaks and soft pretzels!
  14. Decorate a picture frame in preparation for displaying a photo from your next travel adventure!
  15. Visit your local library and borrow some books on a place you’d like visit in the future.
  16. Celebrate National Tourism Day by writing a story about your town or state.
  17. Visit a local attraction and pretend to be a tourist. Take lots of pictures and consider getting a souvenir!
  18. Create a postcard for your town or state. Then, mail it to an out-of-town family member or friend!
  19. Go on vacation…near your home! Book a hotel for a 1-night stay and have a mini vacation!

I bet there are SO many more fun ways you and your kids could celebrate National Tourism Day, but….really…do you want to be reading an article all day or would you rather be off enjoying a day of fun with the family?

That’s what I thought! If you have any other ways you and your family like to celebrate National Tourism Day, send me an email! I’d love to hear your suggestions and might even add them to the list!

I hope you have a blast celebrating National Tourism Day on May 7 with the kids! As always, feel free to share any photos or tag That Homeschool Family on Instagram or Facebook. We’d love to see how your family was able to celebrate National Tourism Day together!

- Elizabeth (and the kids. and the husband. even the dog.)

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