11 Easy Ways to Make it Snow

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Are your kids hoping for a snow day, too? In our home, my kids will try every trick in the book to make it snow. While hot cocoa and evenings spent in front of a fireplace are pretty amazing, no winter season is complete without a good, solid snow day, right?! In New Jersey, we typically won’t get any snow until January or February, so my kids legit wake up bummed when they don’t see snow on the ground and would probably give their right arm for a blizzard of epic proportions a la the epic NJ blizzard of ’96. One of my kids is a leftie, so he could probably manage, but the other is a rightie, so we definitely want to keep those right arms attached (sarcasm…sarcasm).

My kids will trying every “make it snow superstition” possible to try to get a good snowfall. Now, who knows if any of their efforts will actually amount to any bit of snowfall, but it’s always trying out some of the old wives tales. If you want to play along and try to tempt Mother Nature into providing a good snowfall, might as well try some of these tricks to make it snow. (Disclaimer: obviously, this is more of a fun article and does not contain guaranteed ways to make it snow. Come on, now.)

Make it Snow by…

Wearing Pajamas Backwards

Honestly, as long as my kids go to bed without a fight, I don’t really care if they’re wearing their pajamas upside down with their arms in the leg holes and legs in the arm holes. BUT…wearing pajamas backwards is supposedly one way to make it snow. My boys have tried doing this before and, so far, it hasn’t worked. They’ll certainly continue trying, though!

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Sleeping with a Spoon under your Pillow

At least they’ll be prepared for cereal in the morning? Sleeping with a spoon under the pillow is said to result in so much snow that you’ll have to dig your way out of the house with a spoon! Might as well make it a tablespoon and not a teaspoon just in case. I heard that getting a specific Let It Snow Spoon could yield better results?

Eating Ice Cream for Dinner

Ice Cream for Dinner? Sign me UP! Any excuse to eat more ice cream, right? I’m totally game for this. Two cartons of mint chocolate chip, please and thank you. I wonder if bowls with a snowflake pattern could increase chances of success?

Flushing Ice down the Toilet

I mean, it’s not like they’re flushing anything that could clog the toilet, so might as well give it a shot. I’ve heard a few versions of this one. Some say to flush 1 ice cube down for every inch of snow you’d like to fall and some are a general “flush the ice cube.” Maybe the water should be frozen in snowflake ice molds? Do whatever you’d like, but remember, in the case you DO get hit with a ton of snow and your kids are home from school for days upon days, you might want that ice to make some cocktails wholesome, fresh squeezed lemonade.

Shaking a Snow Globe

I’m wondering if this one was made up by a parent that just hadn’t cleaned up all the holiday decorations yet? (True story: it’s possible our ceramic Christmas Tree has spent the past year in our family room. Oops.) Either way, our snow globes tend to stay out all winter long, so might as well give it a shot!

Putting a Spoon in the Freezer

Again with the spoons!! Do your spoons disappear from the silverware drawer, too? If we looked in the freezer and in the kids rooms, I bet we could find them all…

Singing by an open Freezer

“Listen kids, make it snappy because we’re not freezing the whole house.” Apparently, if you go to the freezer, open the door, and sing “Snow day, snow day, snow day!” a snow day will happen.

Doing a Snow Dance in the Front Yard

Throw those backwards pajamas on and go out on the front lawn to dance. I mean, don’t your kids go outside an dance at random times of the day anyways? Sounds just like another moment in #momlife.

Putting a White Crayon in the Freezer

Hello, again, freezer, my old friend. Putting the most useless color in the crayon box in the freezer is supposed to make it snow. Who would’ve thought?! Worth a shot, right?

Leaving Ice Cubes on the Front Step

In this case, it appears as though we would be trying to freeze the neighborhood? I totally recommend doing this while singing “Let it Go” song because, clearly, if we want snow, the cold never bothered us anyway. Moms can do dad jokes, too!

Brushing your Teeth with the Opposite Hand

While this could be harder than you’d think, at least the kids are brushing their teeth before bed, so HIGH FIVE, PARENTS!! We got this! Just in case, consider using a Frozen toothbrush for best potential snowfall results.

There ya go. Eleven ways to make it snow should be enough to keep the kids busy for a bit, right?

You know what? Once we DO get a snow day, you’re going to need to keep the kids busy! Don’t worry. I got you! Check out these 10 Easy Snow Day Activities your Kids will LOVE!

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